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How to Look Stunning in 30 Minutes

How to Look Stunning in 30 Minutes

Well, as you know that girls took a lot of time to make themselves look beautiful and stunning. Sometime, it may be not good for you to take quality of time in morning to get ready for school, collage or office. As you know that to reach collage or office on time it is mandatory and to look fresh beautiful is also very important because if you feel that you are looking beautiful then you can spend your day with more confidence. Therefore, today in this article I’m going to share with you few tips that how to look stunning in 30 minutes. These tips will help you to reach office, school or college on time. If you want to look beautiful and stunning then follow the below steps.

Say hello to morning by splash a cold water on your face:

Say hello to morning by splash a cold water on your face

When you wake up early in the morning splash cold water on your face and feel fresh and active. Remember, you have only 30 minutes and you have to get ready for your office or collage within the time without making any delays. So, as your alarm ring, just wake up from the bed and wash your face.

Make a list of your priorities:

Now, quickly make a list in your mind about your 1st priority to last priority. Suppose, you feel that your 1st priority is your hair and spend more time to hair styling your hair. So do it first.

Eat healthy breakfast:

Take something healthy to eat in your breakfast. Remember don’t eat oily staff that took more time to prepared and eat. So, try to eat some fruits and drink some juice. It is healthy and quick to consume. This tip will help you to save your time.

Choose your outfit that must be simple and easy:

Now, the time to select what you will wear today. Well, that’s totally your choice that in what kind of dresses you will yourself confident and comfortable. It is very good to select your dress for the morning at night. So that it will save your time in morning and you can quickly wear it and rush for your office, school or college. This tip will help you to look stunning and beautiful in 30 minutes.

Take a shower:

Well. Shower is must in the early morning. It will help you to feel fresh and active. So, try to take shower early morning.

Do something with your natural hair:

In the morning when we are getting late for school, college or offices then it is better to do something with your own hair instead of making it straight or curly.

Always use deodorant or body spray:

Don’t forget to apply deodorant or body spray because this will make you body fresh and it also smell good for the whole day.

Select the three most important makeup product and throw the other in your bag to apply it at your school or office:

Yes, this is the most important tip to look stunning in 30 minutes. Just select the three main products that you think that you can’t go out without applying it. It may be a foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara or any other thing. Apply it quickly on your face and keep the rest of makeup in your bag and apply it when you reach office school or college.

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