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How to Increase Volume of Hair Some Crucial Steps

How to Increase Volume of Hair! Some Crucial Steps

Your hair contributes to your impression in a great way; if it is strong, long and lush you are taken as a nice personality whereas if it is weak you are taken as a careless person. The volume of your hair determines how beautiful or less impressive you would appear to others. Therefore, it is necessary that you focus more on growing your hair nice and beautiful. No matter how long your hair is, you will not look beautiful if it lacks shine and attraction.

Focus more on improving the structure, texture and volume of your hair instead of length and here are some crucial steps for you to take.

Horsetail Herb:

Horsetail Herb

This herb is known for its efficacy for hair growth and strength. You might have gotten over the physical sickness long ago but the health of your hair is not restored- if so, you can use this herb which is rich in silica. This will also lend extra shine to hair besides giving it volume. No need to buy this herb and extract its oil, just find the market for horsetail tea or capsules. Use tea to make a paste for hair- the extract from the capsule can be applied directly.

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Burdock Root Oil:

Burdock Root Oil

This oil is very beneficial for thin hair. It happens that sometimes your hair falls off due to a physical illness or you have to take some medications which cause a rapid hair loss, to sort it out, you can massage your scalp with burdock root oil. Just take few drops of oil in your palm and apply it on scalp and hair roots. Your hair will start to get thicker soon. In addition it will heal dandruff or other scalp related issues by its anti-inflammatory properties.

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Birch Oil:

Birch Oil

It is very effective oil for the health of your hair. People often use it in their bathtub and wash hair thoroughly to promote their hair growth. The longer this oil sits in your hair roots the better your hair volume will. Keep it overnight after massage to improve the luster of hair.

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Rosemary for Hair

Rosemary for Hair

This is another herb which is used widely in the process of pasta, noodles and many Italian dishes that are rich in carbohydrates. Rosemary tends to fast against bacterial, dandruff and infection faster than any other herb. You can eat this herb and use it for hair massage by making a paste of it with other essential oils such as coconut oil and olive oil.

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Chamomile and Lavender

Chamomile and Lavender

Mix both oils in an equal quantity in a bowl, use your fingers to tap it on the hair roots to promote hair growth and strength. Perform a nice massage to stimulate blood circulation in the area.

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