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How to Hide Acne Scars During Makeup Simple way

How to Hide Acne Scars During Makeup

It’s very difficult to fill in those broken skin tissues that form noticeable scars on the skin because they will come out to be more noticeable every time you apply your basic foundation on it. Your skin never looks flawless when you apply foundation and compact powder; you have to go to extra length to hide those scars but all in vain. It’s definitely understandable as why you feel annoyed or frustrated with your scars, especially when there is special event and you have to put on some nice makeup in order to look beautiful and impressive.

Here are some don’ts you must avoid:

  1. I know that how easy it looks to cover the scars with foundation, but trust me it will not work because foundation will make your skin more horrific instead of beautiful as it piles up against skin, making layers of white walls instead of a nice cover.
  2. Stop putting on heavy compact powder to fill in the scars, they have lost major skin tissues, you would end up looking like a ghost instead of beauty because when lights will flash on your skin everyone would be able to see powder particles stuck in your tiny scars and opening.
  3. Never highlight your cheeks with blusher if you have a lot of scars on your face, they will give an impression of an allergy, instead just tone up your face.

Ways to hide acne scars:

Fortunately there are some very special creams and foundations which will make you scars look flat and smooth during makeup, you can use them with regular foundation with care to achieve the makeover you desire.

Prime-time Foundation:

Think of your acne scars as small pockets that have different colors and textures than the rest of your skin. You need to fill in something in these pockets to get a smooth effect, for you need a foundation that has silicone in it. Oxygenetic breathable foundation or Coverderm are two over the counter bases you can buy for covering mild acne scars.

Cuepido Wonderfuse

It’s another foundation available in different colors. You can pick one that matches your skin and apply it as a base to cover pigmented area and scars.

Dermaflage Cover

It fills in all the wrinkles and scars that you have on your face. Just need to put on the cream and wait for few minutes for it to dry, it would look like your own skin. It can provide your skin a nice cover for 36 hours without ado.

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