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How to Grow Long Eyelashes without Artificial Extensions?

How to Grow Long Eyelashes without Artificial Extensions

Some people believe that some of features in every human are inherited by the ancestors such as tongue, eyes shape, eye brow thickness and of course length of the eye lashes. If you there is a per-defined gene code that determines your eyes color, you cannot change it from generation to generator as it’s impossible to change or alter genetic codes. However, if anything was there but is not there anymore, it’s likely you can get it back- such as beautiful eye lashes. There are many factors that can influence the growth and thickness of natural eye lashes such as hard work, stress, health problems, hormonal issues and eyes infections.

The length of your lashes is predefined in your genetic code, if your lashes were blonde they will remain blonde for the rest of life unless you have black lashes fixed through a surgical method. The method of artificial lash extensions is called eye lash implant, you don’t have to get it done unless it is crucial or someone obligatory. Of course you are not Lady Gaga who needs to have long lashes all the time- you are just a nice lady who can do a lot of good stuff to grow lashes back or to improve the length of eye lashes.

There are many different ways through which you can grow long eye lashes without using eyelash extensions. When you will have long, lush lashes you will never need to get implants or extension fixed on the natural lashes.

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Step by step guide on how to grow eyelashes naturally without using eyelash extensions

How to Grow Long Eyelashes without Artificial ExtensionsFirst you need to focus on your diet. Take more micro nutrients to keep your eyelashes and overall skin healthy and vibrant. Fruits, vegetables and organic products should be taken for improving skin complexion and eyelash extensions. Food which you will put in mouth would determine how healthy you will look.

  1. Dip cotton ball in olive oil and now rub it on your lashes to cleanse them from dust particles, dust or any polluted substance. Let the oil absorb in the lashes for sometimes and remove it with the cotton ball.
  2. Now dip the ball in castor oil and apply it gently all over the lashes. Apply a small amount of oil so that you can comfortably open and close your eyes. You can apply it before going to sleep. You will see difference in few weeks.
  3. Vitamin E and eye lash enhancer/serum can also be beneficial in improving the texture, length and appearance of eyelashes. The serum would keep lashes well moisturize and would keep them from getting brittle and thin during harsh weather conditions.

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