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How to Get Silky Soft Skin Step by step Help and Tips

How to Get Silky Soft Skin! Step by step Help and Tips

If your skin is dry or scaly, you don’t need to hide it at all. The makeup base or foundation may be working fine in covering your facial flaws, acne marks and eyes circles but just ask yourself a question, do you look beautiful without makeup as you look in makeup? Remove the makeup and see your skin in mirrors to see if it is suffering from infection or dryness.

One of many major skin problems is dry and dull skin. When the blood circulation is not normal beneath the skin cells and when there is a lot of dryness visible onto the epidermis, these are symbols of less water intake. If your skin does not feel fresh at all or is losing its natural beauty very rapidly, it means you need to do something to protect it from further damage.

Things needed to get silky soft skin

Step by Step on how to get Soft and smooth skin


  1. Your skin will not get soft and smooth overnight, you need to improve your diet and apply some products on face to see some results and it would take at least three weeks or more.
  2. Change your bar first; stop using scented soaps and gels on face. Use medicated soap that has glycolic acid and alpha linolenic acid in combination.
  3. After using the bar on face, you need to apply honey moisturizer on face and it absorb in skin.
  4. From third day you will need to apply vitamin c serum. Take two drops of serum c and apply it all over the face. If you are not getting time to use it in day time, you can apply it at night.
  5. Take Omega capsules as they can help improve the skin texture by improving the circulation.
  6. Increase water intake from few glasses to many glasses.
  7. Focus to including more dairy products in your diet.
  8. Apply SPF 60 when you step out of home or when you need to go out during sunlight.

Video Tutorial Step by Step on how to get Soft and smooth skin

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