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How to get rid of migraine headache and its causes

How to get rid of migraine headache and its causes

Migraine headache is usually affecting one side of the head. However, about one third attacks of migraine affect both sides of the head. They are generally pulsating and throbbing in sensation. The migraine headaches are normally associated with vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to sound and light. It is more common in women as compare to men. It is normally occur during the age of 25 to 55. Mostly migraine attacks last between 4 to 72 hours or even longer. Today, in this article we will share with you some causes and remedy for how to get rid of migraine headaches.

Triggers of migraine headaches:

Mostly people, who suffer from it, cannot clearly identify its factors that cause the headache or its triggers.  Some of them are as follow to enhance your knowledge about it.

  • Allergic reaction or allergies.
  • Loud noise, bright light, smoky rooms, temperature changes, and strong smell.
  • Stress, tension, depression, and anxiety.
  • Irregular sleep or changes in sleep pattern
  • Low blood sugar
  • Skipping meal
  • dehydration

Triggers not always cause migraine but avoiding them will not always save you from it.

Symptoms of migraine:

Symptoms of migraine can occur immediately before the headache.  However, not all migraine is same type. Some of typical symptoms are as follow.

  • It usually confined pain to one side of the head.
  • During physical activity incremental in pain.
  • Due to pain unable to perform normal activities.
  • Feel physically sick.
  • Sweating, change in temperature.

Mostly people suffer from aura migraine:

As we discuss that not all migraine are same therefore some people also suffer from aura migraine. The warning sign can be occur during or before the pain.

  • Confusion in thoughts and experience.
  • The appearance of zigzag lines in front of the eyes.
  • Black patches and black spots in the vision.
  • Feel difficulty in speaking.
  • Stiffness in neck, limbs and shoulders

Home remedy to get rid of migraine headaches:

  1. Use peppermint: Have a peppermint leaves tea and get rid of migraine headaches.
  2. Take a nap for a while: sit in a quiet room and take a nap for a while, you will feel better.
  3. Massage: A good massage will not only improve blood circulation but also make you feel fresh and relax. Therefore, massage your forehead with fingers gently.
  4. Take a hot shower: When you take a bath with hot water, you will feel relax.
  5. Use cold packs: Take a piece of cloth and dip it with cold water and put it on your forehead for few seconds. You will feel relief in pain.
  6. Yoga: it is really an amazing tip to get relief from any type of pains so try some yoga to get rid of migraine headaches.
  7. Take a cup of tea: Whenever, you feel pain, take a cup of tea and get rid of it.

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