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How to get rid of facial redness?

How to get rid of facial redness?

Are you also suffering from facial redness which gives you an unpleasant look? And looking for the answer to this common question that how to get rid of facial redness? Then don’t be worry girls because we have some interesting and easy ways to cope up with redness on your face. Redness occurs due to different reasons, it can be an allergic response but mostly it is common because of sensitive skin. However there is a diseased term used for facial redness called as perioral dermatitis. In this condition person may suffer from itchy redness around their cheeks, chin and nose. Whatever the reason of this red scaly skin, the below mentioned ways will surely help you out.

5 simplest routes to catch a clear skin:

To get rid of flaky and reddening of your skin follow these simple routes:

1- Oatmeal mask:

Redness of skin later leads to acne, so make sure that the stuff you are using to treat redness also has anti-acne effects.

Use: Crushed oatmeal mixed with enough water to make a mask is better than anything else. Clear your skin after 10 mints. It basically absorbs the facial oil and reduced the risks of reddening because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

2- Mask of cucumber:

However there is no scientific evidence for cucumber in healing redness effects still people are using it as facial remedy. And the amazing thing is that “it actually works”.

Use: Take a cooled cucumber from a fridge and chop it finely with your knife or just simply put it in a blender to make a thick paste. Use this paste as mask and get reduced redness from your skin.

3- Lavender Oil:

To treat rosacea or redness of skin lavender oil can be beneficial stuff because it contains anti-inflammatory responses. Although it may causes rashes to some people so use this route only by given method.

Use: Take 1 tablespoon of lavender oil along with almond oil in same quantity, mix them well and apply it on your reddening areas before going to bed. Left it overnight after doing a gentle massage and clear your skin next morning. Treat your skin daily with the same procedure and get a good result in several weeks.

4- Green Tea:

Green tea is a natural product which carries more than 3 properties that aids in treating skin problems. If you want a quick and soothing result don’t miss this tip.

Use: Make a cup of green tea and let it cool for an hour in the refrigerator. Take a soft towel piece, soak it into the cold green tea and cover the areas of inflammation. Repeat it twice a day for several weeks.

 5- Honey mask:

Honey has antioxidant properties which surely aids in reducing facial redness and provides you a soft moist skin.

Use: To make honey mask mix 2 tbsp of organic honey along with 1 tbsp of olive oil and half tsp of milk. Apply this mixture on to your face and after 10 mints of application, clear your skin with Luke-warm water. For best outcome repeat this method twice a week.

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