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How to get really beautiful long hair in four weeks

How to get Really Long Hair

What it takes to grow long, healthy, lush hair? This question is being asked by millions of women who have an urge to grow long hair but don’t have knowledge as how to achieve the goal. Keep in mind that your hair will not grow long overnight, getting some results would require a lot of passion, dedication and above all constant hard work as well as care. If you are a kind of person who washes hair once in a week, forget that the condition of hair can be changed and modified, at least three wash sittings are required for keeping healthy fresh and healthy.

Here are some nice and easy to follow tips on how to get really long hair without doing much:

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

The top product on my list with regards to hair care routine is castor oil. This ingredient is magical because it works in an amazing way when is combined with almond oil. Mix three drops of castor oil in small amount of almond oil to get a nice oil treatment for your rough hair. The combination of both will help improve the texture of the hair besides accelerating its growth. Ladies without long lashes apply castor oil every night to grow their lashes long and beautiful, so if you have any doubt whether or not the oil can help in growth you should read some research papers online.

The castor oil is bit greasy and bit sticky in form, it should be not applied as it because it works nicely well it is bit thin in texture, and it can be done by mixing it with other oils.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

This oil is wonderful for growing really long hair provided that you heat it up before applying in the roots. It’s not that you need to dip your fingers in oil and apply it randomly over the hair, this reckless behavior won’t garner good results. Section your hair in five parts and apply this oil on the scalp, it will fight against bacteria which is causing dandruff or infection, in addition it will improve the blood circulation in the roots, if there is baldness the area will be filled with the hair soon if deep rooted massage is done.

Trim hair

Trim hair

The rough and split ends should be trimmed regularly, possibly every week so that new hair can grow faster, in a good length and condition. The trimming should be done gently if you are doing it yourself, make diagonal cuts by a pair of scissors and try to get rid of brittle ends.

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Additional tips:

  1. Always wash your hair with cold water when take bath with warm water in winter. Never use hot water for washing hair it can cause dandruff.
  2. If hair is dry, massage oil before two hours of taking the bath. The bath will act like a natural conditioner.
  3. Dry your hair in open air instead of using heat producing machines like curling machine and hair straightening machine.
  4. Wave a good bye to cloth towels they produce heat in hair.
  5. Never brush hair after coming from the bath, it will weaken the roots. Let your hair get a hit dry and soft.
  6. Use conditioner at least two times a week to provide protein to the deep hair ends.

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