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How to do violet pretty eye makeup for brown eyes tutorial

How to do violet pretty eye makeup for brown eyes tutorial

If you have brown eyes then must try this beautiful purple shade of eye makeup. Now, it is a time to try some different and unique color combination for the eyeshades so, avoid all pink and green colors of it. It doesn’t matter you have dark or light brown color eyes; the purple shade will perfectly go with it and enhance the beauty of your eyes. You just need to blend all the shades in a proper manner to create a gorgeous look. If you follow this tutorial of how to make violet pretty eye makeup for brown eyes step by step then it would be very easy for you to have a stunning look for the evening. So, let’s start with the things you need to make it.

You will need following things to make violet pretty eye makeup for brown eyes:

Step by step tutorial to make violet pretty eye makeup for brown eyes:

  • First of all, apply a foundation perfectly and cover the dark circles with the help of concealer.
  • Now, to make a smooth base, apply a peach eye shadow on the base of the eye lid.
  • Take a bit of dark violet eye shade and apply it on the outer V area of the eye.
  • From middle to outer area of eye, apply a light purple eye shadow and spread it properly. There is no need to blend this shade on the inner corner of the eye, leave it empty.
  • Now, on the inner V corner area, apply a while eyeshade.
  • Apply eyeliner in winged style.
  • Take an eye pencil and fill the water area.
  • To, enhance the beauty of your eye highlighter area by using silver highlighter.
  • Apply mascara or you can also use artificial eyelashes.

Hopefully, you understand all the steps completely, so, must try it for evening parties. It is very easy and simple to make and it will only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. You just have to purchase the above things to make it and all other steps are easy to accomplish. As you know, eye is the window for your soul so make it look beautiful and attractive. If you feel difficulty in applying winged style eyeliner then you can watch our previous tutorial related to it. Stay connected with us, to learn more beautiful eye makeup techniques.

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