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How to do Upside Down French Braid with Modern Top knot

If you are fed up from old French tail braid for its being very common, you can try a new version of it which is way more classier and sassier than it. The procedure of braiding is almost the same, but when you run out of hair, you just tie your hair in a ponytail. Some women have a hard time wearing this braid as it is because it is very tight, if you think that you cannot wear tight braid you can make some loops loose to make your braid comfortable. Also if some hair strands are being felt stretched, making you feel uncomfortable, you can tie your braid a bit loosely, it would bring out some messiness in appearance but it won’t hurt as long as you are satisfied.

Things needed for upside French braid


Tutorials on how to do upside down French braid

How to do Upside Down French Braid with Modern Top knot

  1. Begin by brushing your hair from the back side. All the hair must be pulled straight from the nape so it can be brushed in the opposite direction. Brush your hair after using the serum.
  2. Now divide your hair in three hair sections, you always need three hair loops for a French braid.
  3. Take middle hair loop in hand, pull the right hair loop over it and then left over the right.
  4. Now add some hair from the right side into the braid.
  5. Add hair from the left side into the braid.
  6. Keep doing down starting from the nape and add little sections from both sides of the head.
  7. When you reach in the middle of the head, you have to stop weaving the braid at this very point and now tie the hair in a high ponytail by making the braid a bit tighter by pulling the hair out in ponytail band.
  8. Now you need to make a topknot, for just make four of five hair sections.
  9. Roll hair sections one by one by rolling into inward directions by securing them with bobby pins.
  10. When you are done, use hair spray over the braid and topknot to complete the procedure.

Video Tutorials on how to do upside down French braid

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