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How to do tropical Paradise Photo eye makeup tutorial

How to do tropical Paradise Photo eye makeup tutorial

It is a perfect and beautiful eye makeup that makes you look beautiful and pretty. The use of different eye shades in different style can create a perfect eye makeup. The colorful eye-shades look amazing with perfect eyeliner and long eyelashes. Therefore, to try this tropical paradise photo eye makeup, you need to follow this tutorial completely. You just need some eye-shades and brushes to create this stunning eye makeup. It is very simple and easy to do. Once you understand all the steps properly then you can do this eye makeup within a few minutes.

You will need following things to do tropical paradise photo eye makeup:

  • Apple tini eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Fuji eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Peach Smoothie eye-shadow of makeup Greek
  • Simply Marlena eye-shadow of makeup Greek
  • Bewitched eyeshadow of makeup Greek
  • Pigment in Birthday Wish of makeup Greek
  • Fame gel liner of makeup Greek

You will need following brushes to do tropical paradise photo eye makeup:

  • Pointed Crease Brush of makeup Greek
  • Soft Dome Brush of makeup Greek
  • Pencil Brush of makeup Greek
  • Bent Liner Brush of makeup Greek
  • Outer V Brush of makeup Greek
  • MAC’s 239 flat stiff brush

Step by step tutorial to do tropical paradise photo eye makeup:

  1. Using a pointed crease brush, blend Simply Marlena into the crease.
  2. To blend out any harsh lines in the crease use Peach Smoothie with a soft dome brush.
  3. Pat Bewitched onto the outer and inner corners of the eye lid with the help of flat stiff brush.
  4. With the help of clean flat stiff brush, pat Birthday Wish onto the center of the eye.
  5. Make the inner corner of the eye highlighted with the help of Fuji and a pencil brush.
  6. With the help of clean pencil brush, sweep Apple tini along the lower lash line.
  7. Now, apply Makeup Geek’s gel Liner to the lower waterline with the help of a bent liner brush.
  8. At the end, apply mascara and your favorite false eyelashes.

Hopefully, you can understand the whole step completely. It is very quick and easy to do. You can get these beautiful purple shades of eye shadows from the online store. If you want to learn this beautiful eye shading then it is necessary to follow this tutorial carefully. To create same perfect look as shown in the images then it is important to buy the same eye shadow products and brushes that are mention above. You can also try it buy taking help from the pictures that is attach with article. If you want to learn more fantastic eye makeup tutorial then stay connected with our website.

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