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How to Do Studded Nail Art on Black Nail Polish Step by Step Tutorial

Wearing studs on face and makeup has become a famous trend these days; you will often see women wiggling their waist in the party, dressed up in black, wearing long stiletto studded shoes. The addition of studs in the makeup makes it more beautiful, attractive and above all unique in my point of view. The technique of using studs in nail art, however, demands some basic knowledge on manicure. You should know that some designs are good when they are kept simple and some designs are nice when fewer colors are used.

The three major colors available in nail studs are golden, silver and pure metallic gold. You can also manage to find some dark shades in the market of course some day you might want to put on purple studs with your luxurious purple mermaid dress. The colors of studs being metallic in nature, appear to be more prominent when are used on light nail liquors. Here is a simple tutorial for you on how to do studded nail at home with less work.

Things needed to perfect studded nail art work

Tutorial on how to do Studded nail art on black nail polish

How to Do Studded Nail Art on Black Nail Polish Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Use one coat of base coat only on all nails and give it sometime to dry in air. You don’t want to apply any color after it as yet. You need tea pink base coat and keep it thin as you still have to work on the nail tips. The excessive amount will make the coat thicker and rougher, causing difficulty with the nail art work.
  2. Once the coat is completely dry, apply duct tape on each finger nail to and use pen to perform black manicure on this part.
  3. One entire finger nail has to be painted in black color as shown in the image.
  4. Let your nail art be dry at this point once again.
  5. Now open up the adhesive glue. Pick one stud and apply one drop of glue behind it, fix it on the nails. Repeat the procedure with many studs and apply them onto the finger nails as shown in the tutorial.
  6. Dry your nails once again. Your studs would fix to their position after five minutes depending on the quality of the glue you have used.

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