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How to do starter kit photo eye makeup tutorial

How to do starter kit photo eye makeup tutorial

Almost every girl loved to do makeup to look beautiful and gorgeous. If you use good quality makeup products then you will never get damage skin. It doesn’t mean that you will not look beautiful without applying makeup. Basically, it will enhance the beauty of your feature so, it is important for you to learn basic techniques of makeup such as how to apply eyeliner perfectly or how to apply foundation. If we talk about eye makeup then there are a lot unique and awesome ways to use the same colors of eye shadows in different and new styles. Today, I will share with you one of my favorite tutorial of how to do starter kit photo eye makeup. It is very easy and simple to apply. You just need eye-shades and some brushes to apply it perfectly. Once you understand the tutorial step by step completely then you can do it within 5 minutes easily at home.

You will need following eye shadows to do starter kit photo eye makeup:

  • Crème Brulee eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Cocoa Bear eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Shimma eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Drama Queen eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Corrupt eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Immortal Gel Liner of makeup Greek

You will need following brushes to do starter kit photo eye makeup:

  • Soft Dome Brush of makeup Greek
  • Defined Crease Brush of makeup Greek
  • Pencil Brush of makeup Greek
  • Bent Liner Brush of makeup Greek
  • MAC’s 239 a flat stiff brush

Step by step tutorial to do starter kit photo eye makeup:

  1. Using soft dome brush, apply a crème brulee eye shadow all over the eye lid and blend it properly.
  2. Now, apply the cocoa bear on the upper and inner one third of the eye lid with the help of defined crease brush.
  3. On the lash line, apply a corrupt eye shadow and use pencil brush to create a wing look. Diffuse it gently to protect harsh lines.
  4. On to the ½ of the inner lid apply shimma with the help of flat stiff brush.
  5. Onto the ½ of the outer lid, pat drama queen.
  6. In the center of the eye lid, blend the drama queen and shimma shimma properly with the help of soft dome brush.
  7. Now, apply a immortal gel eyeliner with the help of bent eye brush.
  8. Using bent eye brush, apply immortal to the waterline and lower lash line.
  9. Apply mascara on the eyelashes of both eyes and use eyelashes curler to curl it.
  10. You can also use artificial eyelashes and colored lenses to make your eye look more attractive and beautiful.

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