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How to do smoke & mirrors eye makeup tutorial

How to do smoke & mirrors eye makeup tutorial

Every girl wants to look pretty and gorgeous. Therefore, they spend a lot of money in beauty salons just to get a perfect eye makeup for special occasions or parties. You can learn amazing makeup and do it by yourself easily if; you read our amazing makeup tutorials. Today, I’m going to share with a beautiful tutorial for how to do some & mirrors eye makeup. If you have all the eye shadows colors that is required to make it then it is very easy and simple for you.

You will need following things to do smoke & mirrors eye makeup:

  • Bitten eye shadow of Makeup Greek
  • Cocoa Bear eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Corrupt eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Cupcake eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Vanilla Bean eye shadow of makeup Greek
  • Pigment in Utopia of makeup Greek
  • Sugar pill Loose Pigment in Lummi of makeup Greek
  • Black bean eye pencil of NYX

Step by step tutorial to do smoke & mirrors eye makeup:

  1. First of all apply foundation on your face and apply concealer under the eye to cover dark circles.
  2. Now, onto the crease, sweep the cupcake eye shadow to create a smooth transition. You can use soft dome brush for it.
  3. With cocoa bear make the crease deep with the help of defined crease brush.
  4. Using bitten eye shadow, add some into the crease. Blend it with the help of soft dome brush.
  5. Apply black bean all over the eye lid. Use your finer or outer v brush to blend it properly.
  6. Over the black bean, pat corrupt eye shadow and set it with the flat stiff brush.
  7. Fill the outer lower lash line with cocoa bear and bitten smoke using a pencil brush and blend it with soft dome brush.
  8. Fill the water line with black bean eye pencil of NYX.
  9. Take pointed crease brush and apply clack bean once again.
  10. Pat utopia all over the eye lid and also apply in the center of lower lash line with a flat stiff brush.
  11. Now, fill the inner corner of the eye with sugar pill Lummi with small dome brush.
  12. Apply your favorite false eyelashes.
  13. Apply mascara to make it look more beautiful and pretty.

Hopefully, you understand the tutorial of how to do smoke mirrors eye makeup. You must try it if you have green eyes because it will look very beautiful on green eye color. You can use colored lenses to enhance the beauty of your eye. It is very quick to apply. If you want to learn more makeup tutorials then stay connected with us.

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