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How to do purple Smokey eye makeup

How to do purple Smokey eye makeup

Mostly girls loved to do makeup not because they are ugly; they just want to enhance their features beauty. If you know how to do perfect classy makeup then, you can make your face look beautiful. In this article, you will learn a method of how to do purple Smokey eye makeup. It is awesome eye makeup with the combination of black and purple eye shadow.  If, you really want to learn it then, you just have to follow the procedure that is mention below for you. It is very easy to do it if, you concentrate and learn it properly. It is important to buy all the eye shades that are used in this tutorial.  You can apply glitter eyeliner with it. It will also look pretty on you. It’s really a glamorous makeup that will make you look stylish and attractive so, must try it. You can make your features look more beautiful and attractive if, you do this type of eye makeup.

Things you will need to apply purple Smokey eye makeup:

  • Mac eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Mascara

Step by step instructions to do purple Smokey eye makeup:

  • Let’s start by applying white eye shadow as a base.
  • Now, you need to apply blue eye shadow on the eye lid and blend it properly with a clean brush.
  • Apply black eye shade to give it a Smokey look.
  • Apply eye liner in a winged style. You can learn how to apply winged eyeliner.
  • Just stick the false eyelashes and your purple Smokey eye makeup is done.

Hopefully, you understand it properly; it is very easy to apply purple eye makeup. You can also see images that are shared for you so, that you can get this pretty look completely. It is great feeling to look gorgeous and get appreciation from your love once. It is good for you to learn amazing makeup styles because it will not only decrease your salon expense but also make you look stunning. You can try this eye makeup for wedding s or any other occasions. You can also learn how to do Hawaiian plumeria photo eye makeup. You must try it and share it with your colleagues and friends. It is perfect for late night parties. If, you are a lover of doing late night parties with friends then, you must try it. You can try this super beautiful eye makeup for parties also. It is best for day and night parties. You can make yourself look more attractive and stunning with the help of this amazing eye look. Life is the name of doing experiments with the looks because it will make you feel alive and happy from the inside. To learn more eye makeup stay connected with us.

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