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How To Do Ombre Nail Art Designs for Summer Step by Step Tutorial


Ombre nails look wonderful as they have more than one color in the art. Your design looks different, unique and more colorful when you use more than two shades in the same nail art. The right technique of ombre would help you get the right theme because the scheme of two shades matters a lot. You cannot mix purple with black to make an ombre unless you want to make galaxy nail art designs that have stars and some sparkles in the form of glitter coat. Anyways, here is one brilliant tutorial on how to do ombre nail art designs for summer.

Summer is a kind of vibrant season in which you will see flower being blossomed in the garden. In other words, the season is literally of time of colors- when you can wear anything like yellow, orange and white and all those shades you have avoided during the winter. When making ombre nail art, keep in mind that the family nail liquor shades would help give your design a nice boost.

Things needed for ombre nail art are as follows:

Tutorial on how to make a perfect ombre nail art design:


  1. Start your nail art by applying the base coat. Usually the coat is white or black but you are going to apply some other colors on the nails using the sponges so you won’t need any white coat underneath the design.
  2. Now choose your colors that have theme. Like light pastel purple can be matched with the violet nail color and the light pink can be matched with the dark fuchsia.
  3. Now apply the color on the upper portion and smudge it gently with the sponge.
  4. Now apply another nail liquor in the middle and smudge it.
  5. Now apply a third nail polish color in the end and smudge it with the sponge.
  6. Let your three colors get dry completely.
  7. Now apply the top coat to improve the appearance of the nail art designs.
  8. Use some glitter before applying the coat.
  9. Apply some stones on the desired places of the nails with the glue.

Video Tutorial on how to make a perfect ombre nail art design

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