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How to Do Makeup Like a Model

How to Do Makeup Like  a Model

Though model makeup requires a lot of practice that you may not have, but you can still bring perfection in your own makeover by following three simple tips which are as follows: apply light foundation, pick right eye shadow color and wear lipstick in the right way by outlining the lips.

Makeup artists share their secret makeup tips and tricks on how to transform yourself completely in few minutes without putting on a lot of makeup. If you check some makeup illustrations of singer Rihanna you will discover that a lot of highlight techniques are being used for enhancing her features. Her skin tone is also bit dark but the use of right, bit dark foundation color helps her look perfect in the eye of camera, this is what you need to do, find the right base type for your skin. Believe it or not, your foundation has much to do how your makeup turns out to be. Therefore, it is necessary that you pick the base at least one color lighter than your skin tone. The brighter base may spoil your natural complexion by creating a tone that does not suit you or make you better.

Things needed for transformation:

Tutorials on how to do makeup like a model:

How to Do Makeup Like  a Model

  1. After applying a nice matte concealer on the eyes, you need to begin with your makeup.
  2. Now make the crease highlight and apply the same color below the lower lid, starting from the outer corner, leaving in the middle of it. Make sure to use both metallic purple and cassis on the outer side as well on the lower lid, do it perfectly.
  3. Open your Jane cosmetic cream shade and apply it within crease using the brush.
  4. You can use some powder eye shadow on it to give it a matte look.
  5. Now use the purple eye liner to fill in the lower lid as shown.
  6. Apply eyeliner; a very thin line would do it.
  7. Use mascara by curling the lashes or simple use faux lashes.

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