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How to Do Golden Party Makeup with Glamorous Dress for a Night-out

How to Do Golden Party Makeup with Glamorous Dress for a Night-out

Are you planning to go out for a nice hang out with your close friends this weekend? How about wearing a luscious eyes makeup to get maximum applause’s? How to make this happen is this you are thinking right now? Impossible is nothing. When you are young and beautiful, you can be anyone you want to be- never undermine your abilities when it comes to donning a makeover of those red carpet celebrities, if they can do it, you can do it, too.

These days, a lot of women are buying glitter pots which are being sold at a fair price by some known makeup companies. These pots don’t contain B-class glitter that is harmful to the eyes as well as for the skin, instead these pots have classic micro-glitter which sticks well on the eyes and which can do wonder in minutes if applied with the right makeup theme.

Today I am sharing a very nice and easy tutorial on how to do golden party makeup with glamorous dress for a night out.

Things needed:

Tutorial on how to do golden party makeup

How to Do Golden Party Makeup with Glamorous Dress for a Night-out

  1. Begin by apply concealer and white shade. Blend the concealer with finger tip and let it get settled down onto eyes.
  2. Use compact eye powder over the concleaer.
  3. Apply light yellow or peach eyeshadow to give some color to the base.
  4. Now apply a small amount of golden glitter by Motives.
  5. Draw a smooth, light colored line over it as shown in the tutorial.
  6. Now draw the liner darker by using eye liner brush.
  7. Now make a crease by using black eyeshadow, highlight the crease.
  8. Fill in the glitter once again.
  9. Use either mascara or faux eye lashes to give your eyes a boost.
  10. Repeat the procedure with the second eye to complete the makeup.
  11. Always apply glitter within the crease, apply gel first and use circular eye brush to keep yourself within the boundary of eye crease.
  12. Use cotton tip if you have smudged either glitter or eyeliner above the crease line.
  13. You can apply extra glitter if needed so, sometimes the glitter flies when the gel does not stick it to the eyeshadow the eyes.

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