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How to Do Flower Petal Inspired Makeup for Informal Events

How to Do Flower Petal Inspired Makeup for Informal Events

There has been a trend in makeup in which artists are trying to make some nice flower petal inspired makeovers onto the eyes, lips and skin of the models. It’s not difficult to imitate the style of these artists because they have already taught us how to do it- use the lighter colors with the brighter one in order to complete one nice makeover, also keep your makeup on the soft side if needed in order to avoid flaws or imperfections.

Today we will discuss one nice makeup tutorial which is truly violet flower inspired because three major shades used in it are purple, violet and yellow.

Some Rules to follow:

When doing any art such as flower eyes makeup art you have to use one light tone in the middle and the same tone on the both side of the light shade in order to create petal type impression. If you review any petal closely you will notice that flowers have lighter shade somewhere in the petal alongside dark shades that may have a sequence or a noticeable color value.

Things you will need for this makeup:

Flower Petal Inspired Makeup Tutorial:

  1. Apply one thin coat of primer all over your eyes and let it settle in.
  2. Apply one thin line of liner on the lower lid.
  3. Apply one coat of purple mauve eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Fill in the middle portion of the eye with shimmer.
  5. Again use the same purple mauve eye shadow near the crease line, but don’t apply it onto the crease line.
  6. Highlight the crease line using dark violet color. Blend the shade in the crease with the outline so the makeup looks a bit smooth.
  7. Apply our eyeliner, connecting the flick on the upper lid with the lower lid to make smokey effect.
  8. Use mascara to curl your lashes gently.
  9. You are done.

Extra tips:

If you think you cannot work with mauve violet or mauve purple for its being too bright you can pick maroon or reddish pink color with shimmer to create the same effect. Use light purple instead of yellow or any other shade that is kind of lighter in tone. Some women love to use white shimmer but sometimes it merges badly with the colors, you have to pick on the right color to produce the right effect.

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