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How to do combination of sky blue and purple eye makeup tutorial

How to do combination of sky blue and purple eye makeup tutorial

Sometimes the old combination of eye-shades color looks adorable if it is try in a different ways. Similarly, today, I’m going to share a fantastic eye makeup tutorial with you by using common eye shadows but in a unique style. The sky blue and purple color combination looks so elegant. As it is bright colors so, it goes perfect with dark and white skin tone. It is easy to do combination of sky blue and purple eye makeup at home by yourself. As you know all old colors are in fashion but the expert beauticians give us new ideas to implement it. So, avoid applying both colors side by one another on the eye lid. Here is an amazing different idea for you to apply it.

You will need following things to do combination of sky-blue and purple eye makeup:

Step by step tutorial to do combination of sky blue and purple eye makeup:

  1. First of all, apply foundation and create a perfect base for your base and also cover your dark circles with concealer.
  2. Now, apply the light sky blue neon color and blend it properly.
  3. On the lower lid of the eye apply light purple shade.
  4. Use two shades gold and bronze to contour the line of crease and also add a little touch of brown eye-shade as well.
  5. Apply black shade on the corner of the eye and smudge it properly and also blend it to the middle of the eye lid.
  6. Now, apply gel eyeliner.
  7. Use false eyelashes and apply mascara on it to create a perfect look.
  8. Your eye makeup is complete now. you can also apply a white shimmer on the inner corner of the eye to give a dreamy effect.

If you feel any difficulty to understand it by reading the steps then you can also see image illustration to apply it in a perfect way. It is very gorgeous look. You can also use colored eye licenses to make your eye look big and more attractive. If you want to attend wedding ceremony or any other formal occasion then must try this amazing eye makeup and you will definitely receive compliments from the people around you. It is easy and quick to apply so, must try it. These eye-shades are very common so, you can easily find it in any eye shadow palette. Remember; only use black eye-shade with less darkness instead of dark blackish shade. You can also use color eyeliner or color mascara on it. If you want to learn more eye makeup tutorials then stay connected with us. Stay beautiful and always love yourself.

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