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How to do a Waterfall Braid Step by Step Guide

How to do  a Waterfall Braid

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Waterfall braid looks so nice on black, blonde and silky hair. Just in case you don’t want to tie your all hair in a braid you can make a waterfall braid in which one loop falls over the back hair, making an impression of cascading water. There is no rocket science involved in the making of braid as long as you have tried your hands on French and fishtail braid. There are always three loops of hair involved in any braid, so the right technique will create right weaves. For instance, in faux fishtail you work with three hair loops, you overlap the loops in a pre-defined order to get a shaped up weave. In this same way, you work with three loops to get waterfall braid except that one hair stands fall over instead of being tied up.

You can wear a waterfall braid to any event like wedding, engagement ceremony, evening party and formal hangouts.

Things needed for waterfall braid

Tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid:

Tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid:

Image © missysue

  1. Apply hair wax on all your hair and brush.
  2. More you brush the sleeker your hair will become and the easier handling will be.
  3. Now decide as which part of the head the braid should be started off.
  4. Usually you part hair right behind the ear either from left or right side
  5. Now part hair in three loops and start overlapping the left loop over the middle loop, taking small section of hair from the back hair and add it to the stitch, now take the left loop off from the braid and let it fall.
  6. You can easily make more stitches by following the same technique.
  7. Tie your braid with a ponytail when you are done.
  8. It’s also easy to decorate the braid. Just take one bobby pin and insert it into a bead, now fix the pin between the hair stitches. You can weave many beads using this technique.
  9. You can also use a hair accent on hair, it should be of medium side.
  10. The braid is easy to make, you just weave hair into each other.
  11. The waterfall must have one hair loop fall over the back or else it will look like a simple, common braid.

Video Tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid

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