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How to Do 3D Nail Art Perfectly? 2 Simple 3D Nail Tutorials

How to Do 3D Nail Art Perfectly? 2 Simple 3D Nail Tutorials

Nail art is use by girls to make their hands more attractive and beautiful. There are many new nail art designs that are in fashion nowadays. But the 3D nail art are recently introduce in fashion. Most of the girls love these new designs and specially visit salons to apply it on their hands. Now no need to visit salon because here are 2 simple 3D nail art tutorial for you. If you want to do this beautiful nail art by yourself then follow these tutorial and make it at home.

3D Nail Art Tutorial 1:

Things that need to make it:

  • Some Rhinestones
  • Some Beads
  • Take some plastic accessories
  • Take top coat
  • Some water
  • 1 toothpick
  • 1 tweezers
  • One transparent nail color
  • Special glue for nail art.

Step by step tutorial to make it:

  1. First step is to make your base coat. And wait until it dry properly. While applying base coat don’t be in so hurry. Be passion and apply it neatly and carefully.
  2. Now take a toothpick and dip it into water and then use this wet toothpick to take pick rhinestones. The rhinestones will automatically attach with the wet toothpick.
  3. The third step is to stick rhinestone to your nail. This is your choice whether you choice nail glue to stick it or you can also use the same base coat nail color again to make stick properly.
  4. Now after make rhinestones stick properly apply transparent nail color in it. You can use other plastic accessories and beads to make it more pretty.

3D Nail Art Tutorial 2:

Things you need to make it:

  • Take monomer liquid
  • Some polymer powder
  • Take any nail color for top coat
  • Take transparent Nail color
  • Some ceramic roses
  • Some caviar beads
  • Take 3D acrylic nail art brush
  • Take 3D nail art molds

Step By Step Tutorial to Make It:

  1. Apply base coat with any nail color. It is your choice to choose any color you want to make a base.
  2. Now you need a tweezers to pick up the beads and put it on your nail properly. Do this step when your base coat is dry properly. You can also use nail art brush.
  3. After putting beads on it. Take transparent nail color and apply it on the beads. To make it shiny and smooth. Let the transparent nail color dry.
  4. Now take ceramic roses to put it on side of beads. It will look beautiful. Make it stick with the help of nail glue.

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Tip: Always use light base coat. Avoid ugly color to make it your base because it can spoil your all nail art. You can also use silver beads to make a flower on your nails.

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