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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Makeup Party Look

Holiday Makeup Party Look

A lot of girls out there want to learn how to create the perfect holiday makeup party look without going to saloon. It’s affordable to spend money on getting your makeup done during holidays especially when there are too many parties being thrown by your friends almost every day of the week. It’s also not very wise to go to saloon daily and spend too much money when you can learn holiday makeup tutorials at home and try something on your own.

Maybe you have not heard that every lady has a secret ability to transform herself since she is the one who knows her body well and knows what would or would not suit her. Always keep a strong faith in yourself when it comes to choosing the clothing for the parties and doing makeovers, you can definitely do it better than anyone else, even better than the makeup artists if you try.

I am sharing one special holiday makeup party look that will help you decide what kind of shades should be picked with the dress.

Things needed for perfect holiday makeup party look

Tutorial on how to create the perfect Holiday Makeup Party look


  1. Make sure your face has no dryness and roughness to feel by touch. If everything is good to do, take one small blob of foundation in ivory color and apply it in dotted form all over your face. You don’t need to apply more than what’s required to cover the face. The base would set in itself, just let it dry in air.
  2. Now use the face powder to give your entire face a compact yet natural look. The coat would furniture seal the foundation in its place.
  3. Apply loose eye shadow silver on the inner corner of the eyes.
  4. Now use the midnight blue color from the kit and apply it on the eyes by limiting your application within the crease.
  5. Blend the shade well, you can mix any dark color in it, it has to be in blue color.
  6. Now take some glitter gel on your finger or brush and apply it over the eye shadow.
  7. Use the eye liner along the upper eye lid.
  8. Apply light black pencil on the lower lid and smudge it a bit.
  9. Finish your eye makeup by using mascara and curling the lashes.
  10. Do a fish face when you apply the blusher on cheeks.
  11. Make an outline on the lips by using pink pencil and fill in with the pink suga.

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