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How to Create a Rick Rack Braid Tutorial

How to Create a Rick Rack Braid

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A beautiful hairstyle makes your look totally change. Mostly girls loved to try different new hairstyles. There are many unique braid styles that will look awesome in long hairs. But most of the braid style is difficult to make it at home. You have to go specially salon for beautiful hairstyles but still if you want to learn some interesting hair braid style then you must read this amazing tutorial of how to create a rick rack braid. This was amazing must try it if you have long and shiny hairs. You can easily make this hairstyle at home.

Things you will need to make Rick Rack Braid:

  1. Hair brush
  2. Barbie Pins
  3. Hair elastic bands

Step By Step Tutorial to Make Rick Rack Braid

  1. Take a hair brush and make your hair brush properly. If you have curl hairs then you can also use hair strengthening iron to make it straight because this hairstyle look good on straight hair.
  2. Now pick some strand of hairs. It should be 3 to 4 inches thick. It should be not thin.
  3. Now divide this strand of hairs into 3 portions. Make two portion of it equal and large and the last portion must be small as compare to 1st two portions.
  4. As you know that how to make a regular simple braid. So take this tree portion and make a simple normal braid.
  5. Braid should be loose. Avoid making it so tied.
  6. Braid should be as long as your hair
  7. Now you will see that two equal portions are looking same in braid and the 3rd thin portion of braid is different from the 1st two portion of braid.
  8. Take your one hand finger and keep it tied on the end of the braid. By using your other hand start losing the thick and equal portion of strand.
  9. Take elastic bands and tie it up properly. You can also use small Barbie pins to make it tie properly.
  10. Make your Rick Rack Braid set properly on your back head of hairs. It will look so beautiful.

Step By Step Video Tutorial to Make Rick Rack Braid

Video © Cute Girls Hairstyles
Tip: You can also make a pony tail. It is totally your choice that you want to make your hair open or want to make a pony tail. But the open hair looks prettier than the ponytail. Try this hairstyle at home. It will look so cute on little girls. But young girls also try it. If you miss any above step then it may be possible that you will fail to create a proper braid hairstyle. So you should follow all steps carefully and properly. You can also use hair accessories such as flower hair pins and beads to decorate your braid. The colorful beads look so beautiful on this type of hairstyles. So make it beautiful by applying colorful beads on it.

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