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How to Contour your Face for a glamorous makeover

How to Contour your Face for a glamorous makeover

Did you ever wonder as how models manage to come up with a nice pastel makeup without putting on too much of makeup? How come every facial feature on their face is noticeable and beautified while there is no makeup whatsoever to be noticed? Though there is no rocket science on highlighting the contour of a facial frame but it takes a lot of practice to do it perfectly. A little mistake can make your nose look flat or overdone, therefore it’s necessary that you learn the basics of foundation application before you learn eyes makeup or lip art.

To many women, base is all about putting on some foundation and blending it with the compact powder for a nice finish. It’s a kind of big mistake. Your face appears to be more chalky than natural when you apply foundation everywhere even on those areas where you need to apply brown shade for contouring.

Where to apply brown shade on face for perfect contouring? You can do it easily if you review your own face. If you have got a broad face shape, you need to contour your chin as well, but if you have an oval face shape, only focus on contouring cheeks and head. The area of contouring changes from face to face and here is one tutorial for broad face.

The brown foundation should be non-sticky and one color darker than your complexion where as the white foundation should be one color lighter than your complexion.

Apply one thin contouring line over the forehead alongside the foundation.

Use small amount of brown on the both sides of your nose and don’t forget to use white, too. Just dab both foundations as shown in the image.

One line of brown on the jaw line, if you have a hard time locating it, say Cheese, your bone will appear apply small dots there.

Apply one vertical line on the middle chin and two tiny vertical lines on the both sides of the cheeks, right in the middle.

Rest of the face should be covered with the white foundation.

Now take your soft makeup brush and start blending your makeup with soft hands. Don’t put too much of pressure because it can make some seriously hard lines on your face. You can always take off extra contouring powder from the skin using translucent powder.

When done, use one thin coat of compact powder to seal the base in its place and you are ready for our eyes makeup.

There is no need to highlight your eyes in case you are planning to do some smokey makeup pr party eyes makeup.

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