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How to Clear Damp Spot on Face after Acne Pimple

How to Clear Damp Spot on Face after Acne Pimple

It’s natural for teenagers to feel upset and down due to deep acne dumps on the face. When it comes to acne and pimples, some organic home remedies can be very effective but patience is a key factor needed for a positive result. Applying an ointment overnight with a hope that the damp spot would be gone in the morning is like day dreaming. You have to be realistic when it comes to dealing with nasty damp spots as they may occupy your mind forever if left untreated.

There are some precautionary measures that you need to take when you have a severe acne breakout. First of all, change your towel. Using a towel which is being used by making other family members can make your acne worse and even severe. You need to have a nice face wash for daily use in your bathroom; it’d better if you pick a wash containing salicylic acid as a main ingredient. This agent helps drying the acne by reducing the oil from sebaceous glands. The second important point you must keep in mind is that acne can spread on touch- you have got to keep your nails from scratching the cysts. It’s understandable that you are feeling irritation in cysts but you needn’t touch them or try to open their tip/mouth to take the pus out of it. Instead you can take a steam bath or get a facial steam to relief the cyst from any liquid pus irritating your skin. Pop the pimple out with utmost care and precaution.

Home remedies for damp spot on face after acne pimple

Home remedies for damp spot on face after acne pimple

There are many types of damp spots that you may get after a breakout, for instance superficial spots with redness or pigmentation or deep scars in which the collagen is gone missing due to loss of skin tissue. Different spots are treated differently; here are some home remedies for damp spots on fact after acne pimple:

Plain Oat Meal Flour: It can be rubbed onto the skin where spots are superficial and there are no more acne cysts to be seen elsewhere on the skin. Never use plain and rub it over the skin if there are still pimples. The spots are treated best when all the acne have gone.

Plain flour with Lemon and turmeric: This paste can work wonder on your skin. One drop of lemon with one pinch of turmeric powder in one cup of plain flour would be a perfect mask for skin. It will reduce excessive oil production onto the skin by preventing more acne from appearing on the skin, side by side, it will help lighten the spots you already have. The lemon would peel off the superficial skin layers, removing redness onto the spots as well as some dead cells.

Organic oil combinations: There is a research that one drop of tea tree oil can be a perfect remedy for spots but it must be applied in a small amount. You can rub it over the skin and wash it after 30 minutes. This oil can be left on the skin for a long time because it is toxic in nature.

Jojoba oil is another essential tonic for your skin which will help reduce blemishes, it will also lighten the spots when applied regularly with determination and passion.

Caster Oil can also be used for daily massage. It will help make your skin smooth by reducing redness and infections through its antioxidant features.

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