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How to Blend Smokey Eye shadows using right tools

How to Blend Smokey Eye shadows using right tools

One of many common mistakes that most women make during their makeup is less or insufficient blending of eye shadows. When they show up with poorly blended shades, they appear as a fashion naive.   Keep in mind that blending is one of many important factors which are deemed important by makeup artists. Applying shades and not blending is like making a hairstyle without brushing the hair.

You need some perfect tools and perfect techniques in order to get sleek finish in your makeup, especially if it very smokey and being done for the night parties, here is what you need to do:

Tips on how to blend smokey eye shadows:

  1. Always take small amount of dark eye shadow first. You cannot work with the blackest black colors if you have not tried brown crease highlight yet. First learn how to make circular application of a dark eye shadow on the eyes.
  2. Overdoing is another thing that most women do when they do makeup. There is no need to put extra pressure on the eyes, stop applying shade after shade, you want to transform yourself instead of making yourself a gothic personality whose makeup is done in a relentless manner.
  3. Using the right tools is also important. When filling in the crease, you need to use only eye shadow brush which is soft and delicate.
  4. For making a circular or leaf shape crease highlight you will need either angular or circular brush because the bristle is dimensional, helps with the application.
  5. Keep yourself within boundary, if you have a hard time doing this, you need to draw a line on the crease. For you will need only one light color eye pencil, it’s like you are drawing something on the paper that will be filled with the color later on. Make the line properly because the shape will determine how cool or boring your entire eye makeup would come out to be.
  6. Last but not the least, use mixture of colors to make one color. The dark black can be mixed with the brown or any color that has a matte finish. The pure black is a difficult color to handle unless you are a pro artist. If you will wear it as it is, it would give an impression as if your eye has been bumped somewhere or got a punch.

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