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How to apply stunning watermelon and eggplant eye makeup

How to apply stunning watermelon and eggplant eye makeup

As you know eyes is the window for the soul. When you meet someone for the first time then it is an eye that attracts the person towards you. It is up to you that how you work to make it beautiful and attractive. Most of the girls spend a lot of time on the eye makeup just because they want to look stunning and unique. Nowadays, there are many amazing eye-shades available in the market of different brands. The most important thing is the color combination of eye shades that you use to create a perfect eye makeup for you. Remember, it is not always important that if you are wearing dark blue dress then your eye shadow color should be dark blue. You can go with light blue shade with golden or silver touch in it. So, today I’m back with another amazing article to guide you that how to apply stunning watermelon and eggplant eye makeup. So, let’s start with the things you need to make it.

You will need following things to apply stunning watermelon and eggplant eye makeup:

Step by step tutorial to apply stunning watermelon and eggplant eye makeup:

  1. First of all, apply foundation on your upper and lower area of the eye then apply concealer to hide the dark circles.
  2. Now, apply peach eye-shade on your eye lid and near to the lower lash-line.
  3. Create an outer V with purple eggplant with a thin brush. No need to blend it.
  4. On your tear duct area apply a white eye shadow.
  5. Apply pink watermelon shade on your upper eye lid. No need to mix colors like eggplant with white or pink.
  6. The main color is watermelon so try to cover eye lid as much as you can with it. no need to blend it too much.
  7. Now, fill your waterline with pink eye pencil.
  8. Apply a winged eyeliner style with the gel eyeliner. You can see our how to apply winged eyeliner tutorial to learn it properly.
  9. Apply mascara or you can use artificial eyelashes then apply mascara on it.

Hopefully, you understand this amazing tutorial properly. It is very simple and quick to apply. You must try it for parties or any other special occasions. The peach eye shadow is more suits on the people having brown colored eyes.  Eye shading is not a big deal if you know the proper use of eye-shades colors and eye brushes as well.  If you want to learn more amazing eye makeup tutorials then stay connected with us. Stay beautiful and never stop trying different eye-shades colors on you.

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