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How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Smokey eye make suits on every shape and color of eyes. Mostly girls loved to do Smokey eye makeup. A perfect eye makeup according to your eye color enhances the beauty of your eyes. Every girl has right to look beautiful and stunning. A beautiful eye attracts people towards you. If you have blue eye color then you much try this Smokey eye makeup because this tutorial is especially for the girls having blue eyes. To look beautiful and attract is the dream of every girl and the makeup is the only thing that will make your beauty enhanced. You much try different styles of eye makeup on your blue colored eyes to give yourself a different and attractive look. So it is necessary for every girl to learn the basic techniques of applying makeup. Today in this article we will share with you one of the beautiful and easy way of doing Smokey eye makeup. Follow this tutorial careful if you are serious to learn the basic techniques.

Things you will need to do Smokey Eye Makeup:

  • Black Eye shadow
  • Grey eye shadow
  • White Eye shadow
  • Makeup brush
  • Black pencil

Step By Step Tutorial to Do Smokey Eye Makeup:

  1. First of all wash your face properly. And apply foundation properly
  2. Apply foundation on your eyes also properly.
  3. Now, choose a light eye shadow color for your base. The white base looks good so apply white eye shadow as your base of the eye.
  4. Take a black eye shadow and apply in the style as shown in the image. But don’t make it too dark keep it light.
  5. Now, take a black pencil and apply it as you apply eyeliner same as show in the picture.
  6. Apply eye pencil properly on the upper portion of the eye and also under the eye.
  7. After applying eye pencil spread it little with your finger to give Smokey effect.
  8. Now, again take a brush and put black eye shadow to make it darker.
  9. Now apply mascara and your Smokey eye makeup is complete.
  10. You can also use artificial eye lashes if required.


You can also change the eye shadow colors but the way of create Smokey effect will be the same. It depend on you that how you want your eyes to look if you want to look more beautiful then you can also use different colored lances. If you have blue eyes then it will look very beautiful on you. Try these Smokey eyes by yourself. It is very easy you can make it yourself at home. Follow this tutorial careful and make yourself more beautiful and attractive.

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