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How to Apply Mascara Perfectly Step by Step Tutorial

how to apply mascara perfectly step by step tutorial

You may have seen a lot of videos on ‘how to apply mascara correctly?’, but you are still confused because some steps in the videos were ambiguous or unexplained like what to do before applying the coat. Many makeup artists believe that mascara should be applied in the last of eye makeup or when the entire makeup is completed because this application is basically the final touch to your makeover. Therefore, you need to follow the proper step by step guide on how to apply mascara correctly, a little mistake can be a big mess, and you may end up spoiling your beautiful makeup that you have completed in two hours.

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Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Start by opening your new mascara tube. The new mascara wand contains additional amount of product on it. You need to remove the extra mascara from it first.
  2. Glide the wand over a soft tissue paper in order to clean the extra liquid from it. You don’t want this liquid to mess up with your lashes. If you will apply it directly, it can smudge all over your eyes, making you to redo the eye makeup.
  3. Once the extra mascara is taken off from the wand or mascara brush, let me stay in the air for two minutes.
  4. Meanwhile you should cleanse your eyelashes just in case there is any eye shadow residue sticking on the edges. For use cotton swab and simply rub it over your lashes to wipe the powdery residue of eye shadow.
  5. Now apply the first coat of regular mascara over the lashes.
  6. Cover the upper lashes first either horizontally or vertically. The horizontal application will give you regular lashes with noticeable volume whereas the vertical application will give a big boost, thickening the lashes.
  7. Try curling your lashes upward as when you apply your first coat of mascara. Do it gently. No need to overdo it as yet.
  8. Let the first mascara coat dry with the air. Meanwhile dip the wand again in the mascara tube to prepare a second coat.
  9. Use the wand again on your lashes, this time you need to focus on edges of lashes. Glide the mascara over the edges and curl them in upward direction to get a maximum curls.
  10. To seal the curls in place, you need to apply waterproof mascara in the end.
  11. Apply two coats of regular mascara on the lower lashes by putting a spoon beneath the lashes to avoid mascara marks smearing on the skin.
  12. Apply waterproof mascara again on the lower lashes once you are done with two coats.

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