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How to Apply Makeup for Oily Skin

How to Apply Makeup for Oily Skin

Makeup is very important part of a girl’s life. There are hardly few girls in this world that don’t like to apply makeup. Almost every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, they spend a lot of money in beauty salons to get ready for the occasion, events such as wedding, birthday party or any other special occasions. Most of girls have sensitive skin that after applying makeup, they get pimples on their face. Mostly pimples appear on oily skin. Therefore girls having oily skin are mostly worried that what type of makeup product they should use and how to apply makeup for oily skin. But now, you don’t have to worry about it because this article is especially for girls having oily skin. Follow the below mention steps to know the right method to apply makeup for oily skin.

Exfoliate your skin before applying makeup:

Exfoliation is very important part of skin care. It will help you to keep your skin fresh and free from pimples. We are highly recommended you to use honey scrub, Queen Helene’s Oatmeal for exfoliate your skin rather than a foam cleanser or any other cream cleansers.

Moisturize your face before applying makeup:

Another important thing to do before applying makeup on oily skin is that moisturize your face. Try to use oil free moisturizer. It will help you to stay makeup on face for long time and also save you from pimples. Always remember to do this step before applying makeup.

Apply foundation:

How to Apply Foundation on Face

Well, there is huge variety of foundations in the markets. So the most important step is to select a right foundation for your oily skin. Must use foundation that is free from oil. So, that they can easily set on you face properly. This is the base of makeup. So, make it perfect.

Eye makeup:

Eyes Makeup

Now the time for doing eye makeup after the foundation is set on your face properly. First of all apply eyeliner beautifully. It is your choice to apply eye shadow or not. Now, apply mascara and use lashes roller to make your eye’s lashes roll. You can also apply kajol. It will look decent and beautiful.

Apply lipstick:


Choose your lipstick color and apply it properly. Without lipstick makeup is incomplete. So, apply it must to add some more beauty in your face.


After you have done with your makeup. Set your hair. We have share a lot of hairstyles in our website. Try one of them and give yourself an amazing and beautiful complete look.


  • Always wash your hands before applying foundation
  • Dry your skin properly before applying makeup
  • When your foundation wearing away. Set it immediately.
  • To get rid of extra oil throughout the day, oil blotting sheets is amazing for it. You can purchase it from drug stores.
  • Use makeup spray to keep your makeup set properly for long period of time.

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