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How To Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

How To Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

To make your lips look beautiful, bigger and more sexy then you should apply lipstick. It does not matter, what color do u choose to apply, But the most important thing is to consider is that how you apply lip liner and lipstick, Are you applying it neatly and correctly? If no, then you should consider the following easy steps to learn to apply neatly and correctly lip liner and lipstick. To Look Gorgeous and attractive.

Method 1: Make your Lips Ready:


Lipstick suits on every type of complexion unless you know, what color will look good on you according to your skin ton. They are different colors of lipsticks for different type of skin ton so you have to make right choice to select lipstick color for your skin ton. Following are the some tips that you should kept in your mind while selecting Lipstick color.

  • If you have dark skin ton then you should choose bold colors that gives you a contrast.
  • For white skin ton, light colors such as pink goes well.
  • And if you have medium complexion then use colors such as mauve, cinnamon, and palm.

Make your lips Exfoliate:

Make your lips Exfoliate

On the off chance that you apply lipstick specifically to lips that are dry and flaky, it will look uneven and bring on the wrong sort of consideration. Have a go at cleaning delicately at your lips with a toothbrush, or make a paste utilizing sugar and water. Utilize the paste and rub some on your lips for around 20 seconds.

Use Lip Liner:

How To Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

Make a outline your lips with the lip liner. Adhere to a meaningful boundary from the outside of your lips to the inside, deliberately following the state of your lips to include definition. Pick an unbiased lip liner. It ought to be about the same shade as your common lip shade. Lip liner can be utilized as a base, as well. Fill in your lips altogether before applying lipstick; the lipstick will keep focused. Try to use best lip liner with refine pencil nip. Applying Lip Liner is not a difficult task, if you do it with full concentration. If you are succeed to learn how to wear lip linear then you can do other step also perfectly.

Apply chap stick:

Apply chap stick

In this step, apply some chap stick or petroleum jelly to remove dryness from your lips. Don’t Ovoid this step.

Method 2: Apply Lipstick:


Hold the container of lipstick to your lips and painstakingly apply it inside of the lines you drew with your lip liner. Begin from the focal point of your lips and brush the lipstick outward, filling in every one of the holes. For a more exact application, utilize a lipstick brush. On the off chance that you go outside the lines of your lip liner, wipe the abundance lipstick away with a tissue. Look in the mirror to verify that you’re filling in the lines effectively. Applying lipstick without a mirror can prompt senseless outcomes.

Make the Coat Darker:

If you think that after applying first coat, you need to apply one more coat to make it little darker then you can do so. But remember that one coat is enough and it look more attractive and pretty than double coat.

Make lipstick bloat with tissue paper:

Make lipstick bloat with tissue paper

At the last step just bloat extra lipstick with tissue paper by Open your lips and close them over the tissue to uproot the overabundance lipstick. This helps set it set up too.

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