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How to Apply Kohl Kajal Perfectly

How to Apply Kohl Kajal Perfectly

As you know that the makeup is very important for every girl. They can’t imagine their life without makeup. It is also consider as a part of makeup which is very important for every girl. Without it makeup is incomplete. It makes the eye look large and more beautiful. Eye is the most important part of our body so to enhance the beauty of eye, It is very important. But most of the girls don’t know how to apply kohl kajal perfectly. So today in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks that will be very helpful for you to bring perfection in it. The tips and tricks are as follow:

Tips To Apply Kajal Perfectly:

Select the right kajal:

The first step is to select a right kajal for your eye. It is also known as kohl and there are different types shapes and brands of it. You should select first the right shape for your eye. Surma is also a category of it but it is most probably used by old woman, who loved to apply it by their fingers. But nowadays, girls used to apply kajal into their eye. If you are failed to apply kajal line correctly in your eye then it will change the shape of your eye which may be look ugly. So the perfection is very important.

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Sharpen the pencil properly:

The most important step to sharpen the pencil of your kajal properly. If you fail to do this step then you can’t be able to do next further steps properly. So first take a sharpener and shaped the eye pencil properly, if your eye nib is properly shaped then you can be successful to create a perfect kajal.

Inner Corner Of Your Eye:

The most important thing to remember that start applying it from the inner corner of your eye. If you start from another side it will spoiled, So always start it from the inner corner of the eye. In this way you can easily apply it immediately with perfection. And your eyes look beautiful and attractive.

Pull the lower lid:

Now use your finger to pull your lower eyelid for applying it. Use your first finger and pull your lower lid and apply it in your eye. By using your finger to pull your lid makes your eye open and you can easily put it into your eyes. If you use your finger to pull your eye, it will create perfection to applying it. The perfect kajal will enhance your eye beauty.

Straight line:

If you need perfection then try to make a straight line within the eye boundaries. If it comes out then clean it up with tissue paper. Make it clear and straight to bring a look of perfection. Once you create a straight line then you can apply more into your eye to make it darker and thicker.

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