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How to Apply Gel Nail Lacquer for Nail Protection

How to Apply Gel Nail Liquor for Nail Protection

Now there are tens and thousands of nail polish brands, offering nail polishes with organic ingredients such as aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil. Today we will look into some of the benefits of gel nail polishes that are far better than matte or chemical-laden nail paints.

Mind that all types of nail paints can affect the health and condition of your cuticles; therefore it’s important that you try to focus more on organic makeup products as they pose minimum risks. The casual scent of a nail polish is that of nail thinner which you find strong. It affects the beauty of nails by making the cuticles rough and dull. After removing such types of nail polishes you will notice that your nails have become drier and rougher on the surface as you touch on them.

Here are some benefits of gel nail polishes

  • Gel Nail polishes are rather safer than matte polishes that contain thinner.
  • They can work as a protection layers for your nails. They seal your nails so they are least affected or damaged as when you exposed them to water during normal household activities.
  • Gel nail polishes can last longer than matte polishes. They should be applied in a form of thin coat. The thinner coat stays long. The coat retains its shine and glow for about 3-4 weeks.

How to apply gel nail Lacquer

How to apply gel nail liquor

Well there is no big rocket science involved in it. All you need to do is clean your nails, massage some vitamin E oil on them and let it soaks in the cuticles. Now apply the gel nail Lacquer in thin coat. One coat is enough if the color is dark.

If your gel nail polish is very thick to touch, you can tap small tissue paper on it. Or else remove it and place your coat once again to make it thinner.

Never apply the polish under a ceiling fan which is turned on. Choose a place where air is moderate. Turn on the fan later to dry your coat.

If you have chosen to use a transparent nail polish coat, make sure to make a thick layer. It will protect your nails for a long time period. Though the polish will stay in place for several weeks but you still need to take it off and replaced it with a new coat for maximum protection.


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