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How to Apply Foundation on Face

How to Apply Foundation on Face

To apply makeup such as eye shades, lipstick, eyeliner is easy to do but the difficult step is to apply foundation. Foundation is the first step of applying makeup. If you failed to do your first step of makeup properly then maybe it is possible that you’re all makeup will be spoiled. Mostly girls do not know what foundation color goes well according to their skin tone. If you can’t be able to select a proper color of foundation for your skin then your skin will look darker and ugly. Today, we are going to share some easy and quick steps that How to apply foundation on the face properly.

Choose the right color

The right color of the foundation is very important. The girls having dark skin tone must use light shades of it. But for white skin tone must use dark shades of foundation. The wrong selection of foundation color can make your makeup look ugly. So before buying foundation, check it properly by applying it on your hand.

Select a right medium

The different modes of foundations are available in the market such as liquid form foundation, powder form and cream form. It’s totally your choice that what form of foundation you are friendly with. But it is good if you chose a liquid form of foundation to apply on face.

Select the right tool

Now the step to choose the right brush to apply foundation on the face. Some girls are like to apply it with their fingers and some use different types of brushes. It is your choice what type of brush you want to choose.

Apply gel before Foundation

Apply gel before Foundation

If you directly apply foundation on the face then it will make your skin dry. So it is better to apply some gel on your face that helps you to make your skin smooth and a little bit oily. This step is necessary for the perfect foundation.

Apply Foundation

How to Apply Foundation on Face

The next step is to take a little foundation with your fingers and put a dot of it in every part of the skin such as nose, eyes, chin, and cheeks. Does this step properly? You should apply it in all your face parts carefully that no part remains empty. If you left any face part empty then it can create the difference in your skin tone color and it will also create artificial skin tone. So try to make your foundation as natural as your face color is.

Blend foundation properly

Blend foundation properly

The next step is to blend the dots of foundation with brush properly. Take your selected brush and blend it properly. You can also blend it with your hands if you feel comfortable to do so. After blending it, take a face powder and apply on your face. The face powder after the foundation will give natural effect to your face color. If you do all these steps properly then you can be successful to make it natural.

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