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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Gray Eyes

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Gray Eyes

The most important and attractive feature of the face is eyes. Mostly girls put so much makeup on their eyes to make them look more beautiful and attractive. No doubt that a good and proper eye makeup can enhance the beauty of your eye. There are also many girls that don’t know what type of eyeliner, eye shades and mascara goes well with their eye color. Today, we share with you some special eye makeup tips for gray eyes. The gray eyes are also an attractive color of eye. The girls having grey eyes are the most attractive girls. Following are the suggestions about what color of eyeliner, eye shades and mascara suits you.

Eyeliner colors for Gray Eyes:

The girls having gray eyes show go with the following eyeliner colors:

  • Black Eyeliner
  • Blue Eyeliner
  • Green Eyeliner
  • Silver glittered Eyeliner
  • Purple Colored Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner:

The method of applying eyeliner is same for all type of colored eyes. However, if you want to learn different techniques of applying eyeliner then click the link for more detailed tutorial on how to apply eyeliner perfectly Detail Here.

Eye shadow Colors for Gray Eyes:

The tough task to select the perfect eye shadow color for your gray eyes because there are very few shades that goes well with the gray eyes.

  • Bone shade
  • Glisten shade
  • Desert Rose Shade
  • Shimmering Taupe shade
  • Sterling shade
  • Truffle shade
  • Golden Orchid shade
  • Chocolate shade

How to Apply Eye shadows:

To apply eye shadow is easy if you know what color suits you the most. You can apply eye shadow with the mixture of different colors in a style. If you don’t know how to apply eye shadow with different styles then click on this link for beautiful eye makeup with different colors of eye shadows. Apply Eye Shadow Detail Here.

Mascara Color for Gray Eyes:

There are different colors of mascara are available in the market but for the grey eyes following shades suit them the most.

  • Length and Lash Potion Volume in Blackened Brown
  • Mascara in Blue Color
  • Dior show Iconic Over curl in Over blue
  • Volume Effete Faux Cils in Fascinating Violet
  • Smokey Green Mascara
  • Green Color Mascara

How to apply Mascara:

The selection of the right mascara color is tough but once you are succeeds in choosing the right color for your gray eyes then the method of applying it is very simple and easy. If you have long eye lashes then it is easier for you to apply mascara but if you want to use artificial eye lashes then apply mascara on it then it is little bit difficult. No worries, you can learn it by following the tutorial on this link.

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