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How to Apply Blush like a Pro Step by Step Guide

How to Apply Blush like a Pro Step by Step Guide

It’s a funny thing that most women buy a kit of three shade blushers and don’t know how to use the kit correctly. When they have to attend a party, they simple use the blusher on the cheeks in a rush, without even learning as how to apply blush on cheeks correctly. Maybe you aren’t told this before that the blushers are meant to highlight your features, especially ones that must be accentuated during makeup. For instance, if you have high cheekbones, the blusher should be used to hide the flaw and for the shade must be applied in the middle of the cheeks so that your cheeks may look fuller. Instead of applying the blusher right on the bone, you will be applying it from jaw bone to mid of the cheeks diagonally and so on.

Before you apply blush like a pro on your cheeks, you must learn where to apply it because it not only heightens the natural tone of the skin but also beautifies the features by hiding facial impeccability to flaws. The technique for blushing is different for oval, heart, oblong, round, and square face shapes, so you must figure out what technique is better to use for your face type.

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How to Apply Blush like a Pro Step by step tutorial:

How to Apply Blush like a Pro Step by Step Guide

  1. First do a fish face and see where the shade should be applied.
  2. Pick the right shade for your skin tone. If your complexion is pale you must avoid these shades; red, dark pink and purple. You can apply light pink easily as it will blend easily. If your complexion is fair or white, you can apply any shade, but you’d better stick with tan shades just to look beautiful and sober.
  3. Pick the blush blusher from the kit and sweet it through the shade. Note that the lighter shade for the bright skin and tan shades for the Asian skin type would work well.
  4. Sweep the shade through the blush blusher. Dust off the excessive shade and then apply it starting from the cheeks towards the ears.
  5. Make apple first and apply the blush on lightly. Don’t overdo it because it’s not easy to take off the blush on once it’s applied.
  6. Blend the shade through the brush, avoid making diagonal lines, they would not give a better finish. Just blend the shade you have applied and do it softly without over pressing the cheeks.
  7. If you have oily skin you should go for gel or powdery blusher but If your skin is dry, you need to opt for cream blusher as it can also moist your skin besides adding a glow to it.
  8. Use puff to blend the shade further.
  9. If you have applied a little extra amount of blush on by mistake, you can apply translucent powder to balance off the effect of shade.

How to Apply Blush like a Pro Step by step Video tutorial:

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