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How to Apply Bleach on Your Face and alternative products

How to Apply Bleach on Your Face and alternative products

It is scientific proved that the excess use of bleach is dangerous for your skin. The doctors recommended avoiding bleaching your facial hairs. But it is also true that to make your darker facial hair lighter, bleach is important as well. The quality of bleach matters a lot. So try to purchase good quality bleach from the market. Here in this article we are going to share with you some side effects of using household bleach. The household bleach is very dangerous for skin. Following are the side effects that may occur if you use household bleach.

  1. Your skin can be damaged and create irritation.
  2. You can get acne on your face.
  3. The excess use of bleach can increase the growth of your facial hairs.
  4. It may be possible that your skin become rough and dry.
  5. You may get pimples on your face.

Now, to make you saved from the above skin damages. Try to avoid household breach and use specific facial cream bleach. Here are the method for how to apply bleach to your face and their alternative products.

Method to Apply:

  1. Take a good quality of facial cream from the market.
  2. Open the packed bleach cream. You will see a thick cream and white color acid in it.
  3. Take a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of liquid cream in it.
  4. Now, add 1 teaspoon of acid and mix them properly.
  5. Apply on your face properly. And rinse it off with cold water after 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Use Facial Cream Bleach: The facial cream bleach is safer than the household bleach because it contains hydrogen peroxide in it. The hydrogen peroxide protects your skin from damages. The instruction is written on the facial cream bleach So read the instructions carefully while applying it on your face.
  • You can also use hydroquinone cream instead of household breach. The hydroquinone is an effective cream that will help you to make your darker facial hairs lighter. This alternative product is suitable for all type of skin tone. So try to use this alternative bleach for your face.

Tip: Face is the most sensitive part of the body so try to use natural and good quality products. At a time of applying bleach on your face, if you feel that your skin is little burning then there is no need to be worried about but if you feel that your skin is burning too much and you can’t digest it then, it is better to removed it immediately. Sometimes it happens that after rinse off bleach with cold water you will notice a while pimples or we can say a white marks on your face that marks are temporary it can be gone immediate if you spray some rose water on your face.

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