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Homemade Hair Serum That You Can Try Today

Homemade Hair Serum That You Can Try Today

Hair serum are use to give shine and moisture to your hair. There are many serums that you can make at home to get long and shiny hair. In Homemade Hair Serum, there are no chemicals included in it but if you purchase serum from market then it contain a lot of chemicals that may be harmful for your hair. A beautiful and long hair is the dream of every girl. Now the time is come to make your dream true because Today! You will know some amazing homemade serum that will make your hair long and shiny. So are you ready for miracle then follow these amazing serums.

Anti- Dry Serum:

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Anti dry serum is best for dry hair. Following are the things that you will need to make it

 Steps To make Anti-Dry Serum:

Take a bowl, and mix all your oils together. And at the end add essential oil in it. Make it store at room temperature for one day. After one day, apply it in your hair scalp before styling your hair. It will reduce all dryness and roughness from your hair. And make your hair style shine and stay for long time.

Castor Oil Hair Serum:

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Castor oil serum is good for all type of hairs. Following are the things that are required to make Castor Oil hair serum:

Steps To Make Castor Oil Hair Serum:

Put all these oil into a glass jar. Shake it properly and keep it at room temperature for one day. You should be careful while applying this serum because if you apply it in large quantity then it will make your hair oily and frizzy. So it is better to take a small brush to apply castor oil serum into your hair properly. After applying it, keep it for 2 hours. After that, take a bath to remove it. Remember it is thick serum so it is hard to remove, if you do shampoo once so make it twice to remove it properly. Now, make your hair dry naturally. Do this step once a week. You will get better results.

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