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Home Remedies for reducing Chest Pain (Angina)

Home Remedies for reducing Chest Pain (Angina)

Heart attack is not a main cause of chest pain. There are also many other reasons of chest pain. Angina is usually a manifestation of plaque build-up in the arteries to the heart. Chest pain, however, can also be a sign of a muscle spasm, upper respiratory infection, and bladder diseases. Stomach ulcer and, indigestion. You must make a call to your doctor to rule out any sign of heart attack or other problems related to heart. This type of serious chest pain is due to spasm or obstruction of the coronary arteries and is known as angina. The other signs of angina are a squeezing, burning, heaviness and choking sensation. In itself angina is not a serious disease but occur due to the prominent signs of coronary artery disease. The high risk of angina and chest pain is mostly found on those who are smokers or suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes. Basically home based treatment of angina is use to Lessing the pain and discomfort .And it is also helpful to reduce the chances of heart attack. Following are the best home remedies for reducing chest pain.

Use Garlic To Reduce Chest Pain

Garlic is very helpful to fight off against the heart disease and chest pain. Take daily 2 to 3 garlic piece on your daily routine and if you add lemon with garlic and utilized it on your daily routine diet. It will be very effective for you to reduce chest pain.

Intake of Citrus Fruit

There are many fruits that contains citrus acid in it such as orange, grapes, apply. Try to eat daily one fruit that contain citrus acid in it .To get rid of chest pain and angina.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus contains Antioxidants in it. Antioxidant is an herb that is very helpful to make to relief from chest pain naturally without any intake of heavy medicines. This herb is easily available in the markets. Hibiscus tea is also very helpful to cure throat infection, caught, and other common respiratory diseases. A consumption of hibiscus tea daily two times in a day will give you relief from chest pain prominently.

Lemon Juice to Reduce Chest Pain:

Lemon juice is very healthy for our body. The daily use of lemon juice will help you to reduce your chest pain. The lemon juice contains citrus acid in it. The citrus acid is very effective for angina patience. So try to drink daily a glass of lemon juice.

Use Basil Leaves

To cure chest pain basil leaves can help you. The patience should eat basil leaves. These leaves are very effective when you chewed it in the morning. You can also make basil leaves juice and drink it daily in the morning.

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