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Half Up Lace Braids Hairstyle for Parties and Proms

Half Up Lace Braids Hairstyle

Image © Missy Sue

This half up lace braid looks extremely awesome. Girls usually carry this hairstyle in parties and proms. This gives them an elegant look along with their beautiful outfit. This design can be made in long and medium hair length. The most astonishing thing about this design is that it doesn’t require any effort. You can make this simple design even if you aren’t an expert at hairdos. This looks extremely beautiful in the hair with golden shade.

There is no specific occasion for which we have to wait to make this design. It can be made casually while going to the office in the morning or while going to any party in the evening. Women and girls of all ages can make this hairstyle.

Things needed:

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Half Up Lace Braids Hairstyle Step by Step Tutorial:

Half Up Lace Braids Hairstyle Step by Step Tutorial

Image © Missy Sue

Below are some steps through which you can make this easy design and enjoy your evening or party. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. With a section on the right side, get a segment of hair on the overwhelming side of the part and separate it into three pieces.
  2. Create one fasten of a customary plait, traverse the center.
  3. Presently do two fastens of a French twist by consolidating a segment of hair with the back strand, traverse the center, then get an area adding it to the front area and traverse the center.
  4. At that point twist a ribbon mesh until it achieves the ear by just acquiring hair to the base strand.
  5. Wrap up the segment in a customary mesh and tie off the end with a flexible band.
  6. Rehash the past strides with the inverse side of the head.
  7. Take the plait on the right side, bring it around the back of the head and pin it down.
  8. Cross the left interlace around the back of the head, over the highest point of the past twist, then slide the tail down underneath the first plait and pin it up.
  9. Delicately pull on the edges of the twists to make them full and cover up where they cross.
  10. Set the style with hairspray and smooth any stray hairs.

Your hairdo is complete now. You can even add beads or glitter if the occasion is of wedding. This will add glitter to your looks and you will look extremely gorgeous. This hairstyle can be made on long hair as well as medium length hair. The girl of every age as well as the women can make this with almost no expertise in hair styling. The steps provided are more than enough to make this hairstyle on your own. You can keep yourself in practice after making this hairstyle a number of times. However, it will more neat every time you make it.

Half Up Lace Braids Hairstyle Step by Step Video Tutorial:

Video © Missy Sue

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