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Hair Rebonding at Home: The Risks of Straightening Hair

Hair Rebonding at Home

Nowadays girls love straight and silky hairs. They don’t think, what will be the result of straitening hairs daily. They use many ordinary products and straightening irons to make their hairs look shiny and silky. The straighter iron is made up of ordinary steel that will cause damages to your hairs. Whereas hair rebonding is the process of making hair silky and straight through chemical treatments. Here also, first the chemicals are applied to all of your hairs and then wash it out and dry it by giving steam to hairs. In Hair rebonding, hairs also treat with heat that also causes hair damages. Do you what to know, what type of damages you have to suffer from, While making hair straight and hair rebonding. Here it is:

Dry Hairs

Dry Hairs


The over use of heating irons to make your hair straight and silky cause damages like dry hairs. The heat will reduce all moisture from your hairs which result in dryness. Due to which, it look dry, and dull. So try to avoid over use of heating irons.

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Reaction Of Allergy and Rashes

The over using of straightening irons, make your hairs dry and do you know this will also sometime cause allergy and rashes on your scalp. Yes, this is true it will make your scalp dry. And you will also get rashes and dandruff problem. Basically, the more chances of allergy and rashes is on a person, who use chemical treatments such as hair rebounding. So try to avoid this chemical and overheated treatment. This all are artificial, which gives you temporary good hair look but a natural disaster for a life time.

Hair Fall

How to Control Hair Fall in Simple and Easy Ways

The use of low quality products and straightening irons, make your hairs broken from the root. And one day it may be possible that you will lose all of your hairs, if you will not stop to apply such treatments to your hairs. Can you imagine life without hairs? It will be so scary for you. So it is not too late, you can make your hairs ride of this chemical treatments and try to use natural products and natural treatments that give you permanent silky and straight hairs. Don’t play with your hairs; it’s a blessing take care of it. You can get rid from the risk of straightening hair, if you will stop using heated iron machines.

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Here are the steps that how can you do Hair Rebonding At Home, with less risk of damages:

  1. First of all shampoo your hair properly.
  2. Let your hair dry naturally.
  3. Divide your hairs into two parts or sections according to the thickness of your hair.
  4. Now apply relaxant cream properly. It should be covered all of your hair.
  5. Leave the cream for 30 minutes.
  6. Now the time of steaming your hair. Give steam to your hair for 10 to 40 minutes, its deepened on the thickness of your hair.
  7. After steam, now you can make your hair straight with straightening irons. Try to apply these steps once a month, to make your hair safe from the damages, we discussed above.

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