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Factors and solution of Hair falling in winters

Factors and solution of Hair falling in winters

Hair fall is the major problem seen now a days, everyone seem worried about the problem of hair falling in winter. Normally people are searching for the solution, before moving toward the solution you must have the knowledge about the reasons which let the hairs to fall. By understanding the cause you would better protect your hairs from further hair fall.

  1. Taking stress:

Working extra hard and taking too much stress, physical stress and emotional stress effects a lot on your health, skin and hairs. Stress is one of the major reason that led your hairs fall, as it weekend your health so if you are not strong from inside, your body hormones  which are linked with the strength and growth of our hairs won’t work properly and as a result you lose your hairs.

  1. Heat treatments:

Most of the women use heated instruments like blow dryer, hair straigtheners, hair curlers which probably burn your hairs. Too much heat cause burning that may weekend your hairs and result will be hair falling.

  1. Use of chemical:

Use of the chemicals on our hairs may has a great effect on our hairs like we use dyes to make our hair look change or as a fashion but these dyes, shampoo and conditioners we are using now a days has different chemicals which cause our hairs to fall more easily.

  1. Un healthy lifestyle:

Not use of the proper diet, use of alcohols, smoking and lake of physical exercise may also let your hair fall as these are the things which affect the hormones to grow properly. These are the unhealthy activities which make our brain dull that can become the big reason of hair falling.

  1. Hygiene’s laciness:

Not taking proper care of your hairs, there are some requirements of the hairs if you don’t fulfill them they become week and fell off. Oiling is the major thing we are lacking now a day’s oil helps hair to get shine and strength.

  1. Dandruff:

It the major issue that cause hair falling in winters. But the question comes who to stop dandruff? In winter our scalp becomes dry and dandruff is the outcome of that dryness. By oiling your hairs and use of anti dandruff liquids can help you to overcome the problem of dandruff which as a result reduces your hair fall during winters.


  1. Hot oil treatment:

It is known as the best hair treatment that reduces the hair falling in winter. It is the best way to add nourishment to the hairs and helps you preventing the hair fall especially during winter. Apply oil it can be olive, coconut oil apply it on your scalp and leave it for about 2-3 hrs and wash it. At least repeat the act once a week.

  1. Onion treatment:

Onion can also contribute to reduce hair falling in winter. Take some onion chop and squeeze them left some juice apply that on the hairs for about 15-20 min then wash it with any shampoo repeat the act at least twice the week.


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