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Try Very Easy Four Strand Waterfall Braid! It won’t take much practice

Try Very Easy Four Strand Waterfall Braid! It won’t take much practice

Image © Missy Sue

It’s very easy to make new braid by using three, four, five, six and even eight hair strands, the more hair you add the more difficult your braiding process would become. However, there are some braids in which you can easily work with four hair strands such as four strand water fall braid. It looks nice, easy and very classy when you make it on freshly washed hair. The natural flow of hair adds more to the waterfall, turning it sleeker than usual. If you will wear this braid to the parties, you will end up receiving more compliments that you thought of.

Things needed for four strand waterfall braid

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  • Hair gel for straightening the hair
  • Paddle brush
  • Rat tail brush for making partition and segregation the new hair section from the front part of the temple
  • Hair spray, not necessary though if your hairstyle naturally stands longer
  • Hair accent or accessory

Step by step guide on four strand waterfall braid

  1. You need to prepare your hair for this braid because it won’t look beautiful on greasy hair. Your hair should be long, flowing and bouncy.
  2. Now take small section of hair from the front head and divide it into four hair sections or four equal sized hair loops.
  3. Now hold the first hair strand and cross it under the second strand, then cross over the third strand and then again cross under the fourth strand, now it will fall down, making a waterfall.
  4. You will have three hair strands in hands, make a simple Dutch braid out of it, cross the right over the middle hair strand and then add left hair strand over this new middle hair section.
  5. Now take small hair from the front area, right from the part line and make your four hair sections again, repeat the procedure. Cross the first strand under second, over third and under fourth hair loop.
  6. You need to repeat the steps for Dutch braid again.
  7. Now it’s your choice to make either one or two of four stranded waterfall braid on head, you can combine both at the end or tie them separately, it’s all about your personal preference and choice.
  8. Use one bead in each stitch to decor the hair or just use hair gel glitter to beauty the braid for the parties and special events.

Video on four strand waterfall braid

Video Credit © Missy Sue

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