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Easy Floral Nail art for summer

Easy Floral Nail art for summer

Nail Art is an imaginative approach to beautify nails. It is a sort of art which could be possible on fingernails and toenails. It got to be generally known in magnificence salons and it is considered as design movement. All through time, nail designing turned into a piece of design and excellence while in history it was a piece of privileged and decided economic well being.

Here is a nail art design which can be applied on your hands. This elegant design will help your hands look extremely beautiful. The step by step procedure is given below:

First of all, the things you need to make this nail designs are:

  • Shine polish
  • Flower pattern
  • Black, white and red nail paint.
  • Thinner and nail paint brushes.

When you have these accessories, you can start making this beautiful design. The first thing you need to do is cover your nail with the shine polish. This will serve as your base polish and will help you in giving your design a neat and clean look. This process can be conducted without the shine polish as well however; to add shine it’s necessary. Wait until it gets dry enough to use the pattern on it.

After that, put the pattern on the nail and pour red nail polish on the pattern. The flower pattern will give you a red flower design whereas the excessive nail polish will be removed as it will be on the pattern. You can even use zero size nail paint brushes to make flower but you need to be an expert for that. Else it would get dirty. Pattern is a safe and better choice. Keep in air so that the nail polish can be dried.

Use black nail paint to add the lines that you can see are with the flower. You need a zero size brush to do it. After that you can make the buds with the red nail paint. The process is complete. You can also add beads to make your flowers more prominent. The white shade used in the nail art is used for the same purpose.

Let it dry and after that add a shine polish coat from above. This will add neatness to your work. Make use of thinner if you think it’s necessary on the boundaries of the nail. And with this, enjoy this very beautiful nail art on your nails and make your hands look best.

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