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Easiest Way How to Apply Eyeshadow Properly

Step-by-step-guide-on-how-to-apply-eyeliner-without making any mistake

These days everyone knows how to apply eyeshadow properly without making any mistake but there are few women who find it hard to apply the shade in the right way. Their biggest problem is the selection of the eye shadow perhaps, it’s because they don’t ever bother to read the basic rules of makeup. As per rule, the light eye shadow should be applied with the dark lipstick and the darker shade should be applied with the light lips. If you will try to put on dark eye shadow with dark lips, you will turn yourself to an odd beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the eye shadow colors wisely because the shade is not easy to take off once it is in place. Redoing the entire makeup is also not an option when you are almost done with everything.

Eyeshadow being an important part of facial makeover should not be taken as granted; proper thought should be given to the selection of the color as one odd shade can spoil the entire makeup.

Before you put on any eye shadow color on your eyes, you need to complete your foundation. When you apply foundation, don’t forget to cover the areas under your eyes. You need to apply only an ounce of foundation on upper eye lids as well as on the lower lid, blend the base with soft hands. Don’t be harsh with the application.Let your foundation set on your skin. Your next step would be applying the eye shadows for you need to follow some important steps.

Things Needed

Step by step tutorial:

Step-by-step-guide-on-how-to-apply-eyeliner-without making any mistake

  1. You need to apply a cream concealer first. Apply a small amount of tube concealer directly on upper and lower lids. Use makeup puff to blend the concealer with the skin. In the beginning, you might feel that the eyes are overly powdery or over-white, this happens when you have dark eye circles. Don’t freak out yet. Wait for the cream concealer to set with your skin. It will blend with the skin very easily.
  2. Apply compact powder now. Sweet the puff through the powder and dust off the additional product. Apply it gently on your eyes. You don’t need to make your eyes over powdery if you have dry skin. You can skip this step if your eyes are already dried. Apply a moisturizer first before applying conealer and then use powder.
  3. Use duct tape to cover the areas near the eyes so that any fall over can be removed easily. It will not stick to the skin, instead it will fall onto the tape which can be removed once the makeup is completed.
  4. You need to put on eyeshadow within eye crease. You will find a lot of suggestions under the heading ‘how to apply eyeshadow for beginner’ guide but one thing you will not be told that outlining the crease is an important step in eyeshadow techniques.
  5. If you really want to learn how to put on eyeshadow professionally you must know how to outline the crease in an artistic way. For you need an eye pencil of any shade that is lighter than the eye shadow you will apply. The darker would also work fine but for the night time. Suppose you are applying brown eye shadow on the eyes, you will need a dark brown eye pencil, use it to highlight the crease on the both side of the eyes.
  6. Now use the eye shadow brush to apply the dark brown eye shadow onto the outlined you have drawn using the eye pencil.
  7. Now apply a lighter brown shade within crease and don’t cross the boundary. Your boundary is your crease line, within which you must fill it. No eye shadow should go out of outlines.
  8. Now blend the shades together until your eye makeup looks smooth and perfect.
  9. You can dust off the powdery shades from the skin or underneath the eyes through the blush blusher, glide it softly over the skin to remove the shades without marks.

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