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Dos and don’ts after rebonding! Take care of your hair


Most of the women opt for a nice hair rebonding to get rid of frizzy, dull and out of life hair. Those big tangled shingle of hair on your hair in morning makes you upset and there is nothing much you can’t about it because the genetic codes are to blame for it, which you cannot do. You have inherited rough and duller hair from your mom and she had it from her mother. You might have to learn to live with it if there weren’t some nice procedures available as hair rebounding and hair treatments. These therapies can return the gloss and beauty of hair, nurturing each hair root from the top to bottom.

What is hair rebonding? It’s a special therapy in which hair is treated by using a big combo of iron machine, combs and serums. All together, the hair becomes softer and sleeker than before. You also feel comfortable after seeing your each hair strand is straight and glossy.

Here are some don’ts for those who have attained a treatment or intend to get it done.


  1. Don’t take words from your hair stylists for granted. If you are told that do not touch your hair for three hours, you have to follow the instructions.
  2. Don’t brush your hair after rebounding procedure. Your hair has been undergone a big deal of treatment already, let your hair strand be relax.
  3. Refrain from washing your hair immediately on the same day. Wait for good hours like 36 hours before taking a bath.
  4. Don’t treat your hair with chemical-laden products such as hair color, dyes, and semi-permanent colors for parties. The use of sprays should also be avoided.
  5. If you cannot skip your bath for a day, you need to wear shower cap to keep your treated hair covered.
  6. Never apply hair spray on hair which has been through serum treatment already.
  7. Don’t even think of making curls or using iron machine.
  8. Don’t tuck your hair in the back of ears.
  9. Don’t tie your hair in a ponytail.
  10. Let your hair be dried in natural air after bath.

Some Dos after hair rebonding


  1. Keep oiling your hair. The massage will furthermore improve the health of hair strands.
  2. Use nice protein serums to feed your hair.
  3. Shampoo your hair on alternate days.
  4. Apply good hair masks to maximize the chances of improvement.
  5. Use a nice conditioner.
  6. Give fresh air to the hair by sitting in the balcony or somewhere where air is in plenty.
  7. Keep your scalp free of infection.
  8. Pay more attention to diet- include more fibers and protein in it.

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