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Best New Year’s Eve Gorgeous Makeup tutorial

Best New Year’s Eve Gorgeous Makeup tutorial

Hey chicks! Do you want to look stunning and beautiful on the New Year party 2016 then here, we bring for you Best New Year’s Eve Gorgeous makeup tutorial. It includes the use of sparking colors with glitters. You can take idea from here and then add your favorite colors to create it. You can get a totally new look with the help of this tutorial. If you are wearing beautiful dress but don’t know how to do makeup then it can spoil all your presence.Therefore, it is important for girls to learn the basic techniques of apply it perfectly. If you try this tutorial for the part then you will definitely get compliments from your friends and family.  You can also take help from the pictures to get this amazing and different look. You can get all the following products easily from the market.

You will need following products to get New Year’s Eve Gorgeous look:

Step by step tutorial to get New Year’s Eve gorgeous look:

  1. The first step to apply a foundation. If the base of your makeup is perfect then you will get the natural and pretty look.
  2. After applying foundation, the time to apply eye makeup. First of all, make an eye base with persuade eye shadow.
  3. Then, pat day gleam mac shadow.
  4. To give a sparking touch to an eye, Apply Stewart Martha eye glitter.
  5. Now, pat golden glitter on the eye lid.
  6. Take a gel eye liner and apply it properly and carefully.
  7. Now, to make your eye look big and attractive, stick artificial eyelashes and then apply mascara on it.
  8. After done with eyes, now the turn of applying lipstick. As the eye makeup is bright and sparking so you have to go with light and soft color of lipstick. Therefore, Myth Mac light pick lipstick is best for you. Apply it on your lips properly.
  9. Now, take a brush and do brush on, your cheeks.
  10. Your gorgeous New Year look is complete now.


This is just an idea we share with you. So, you can add different colors of eye shadows or glitter on it. You can also go with dark lip colors. It is your choice to select colors for the party. It is one of the best makeup tutorials that I shared with you. It is simple and quick to make. It also give you a complete, different new look. Therefore, you must try it on this New Year Part 2016. If you want to learn more makeup styles then stay connected with us.

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