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Best Home remedy How to get rid of milia

Best Home remedy How to get rid of milia

Milia are small white bump that can harm your skin at any age. Milia harm different parts of face such as under eyes or foreheads. Basically Milia occur when dead cells are trapped under the skin surface. Milia is not serious problem, can be cure easily. There are two types of milia that an adult can get i.e. Primary and secondary milia. Primary milia is a type that mostly seen in teenagers. When skin cells are not exfoliate completely then primary milia occurs. And when pore lining are damages by skin condition then Secondary Milia occurs. Sun also plays an important role to cause milia because it makes skin leathery and rough.

Every person, who are suffering from milia, wants to know How to get rid of milia. So if you are one of them , then you should apply following tips to get rid of milia.

Make your face clean: 

Make your face clean

Daily cleansing is an important home remedy for milia to get rid of it. Once a day, a teenagers should wash their face. while adults should wash their skin twice a day.

  • As you clean your face, use warm water to make your pores relax.
  • Make your face dry gently, by using soft and clean towel.
  • As you know adult milia and child milia is different. So adult should try to use facial cleanser. It will work To milia rid of

Good exfoliating product.

Teenagers and adults should use exfoliating products to treat. You should go for either an exfoliating product or a exfoliating moisturizer.

  • An exfoliating moisturizer is an amazing idea if your milia is accompanied by dry skin or it is wide spread. The build- up of dead skin cells are reduce by moisturizer. And the exfoliating will make your skin to rid you from the dead cells. You should use moisturizer that contain vitamin A in it. And it must be free from heavy oils.
  • A treatment of targeted exfoliating is amazing ,if you have a small and tiny milia that you want to remove, but have no other skin problems. Select a targeted treatment that contains salicylic acid. Until milia disappeared, you should use treatment daily.

Use retinol

Retinol is normally used to fight acne marks on face and for aging signs. It has exfoliating elements that make your skin clear and soft. To get best results, use a retinol targeted lotion and spread it directly to the area of your face that are affected by the milia.

  • After applying a drop of pea sized retinol to the milia affected area of shin. You should wait for 30 minutes after you wash your face before using the retinol.
  • May be you feel irritation. if retinol gets into your eyes. So avoid retinol to apply on your upper eyelid.


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