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Benefits Of Licorice Root Or Mulethi For Health

Benefits Of Licorice Root Or Mulethi For Health

In India Licorice root is called as Mulethi. It is a herb which is available and use everywhere in the world but mostly in India and china. It can be said that licorice root is homemade medicine that can cure many human diseases. Chine is using Licorice Root in many medicines. This amazing natural herb contains many health benefits. It is mostly helpful to treating sore throat, Bones strengthening, Chest Congestion and also treat kidney problems. Licorice Root is so powerful herb because it contains Phystochemicals called Flavonoids, Chalcones, and saponins in it. Following are the some Benefits of Licorice Root Or Mulethi for Health.

Treat Respiratory Infections:

Treat Respiratory Infections

licorice Root is very helpful to treat respiratory infections that are asthma, sore throat. It make reduction in inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Even it is also help to make thin mucus in airways. And it also fight with microbes that become cause of creating respiratory infections. How to treat respiratory infections with Licorice root are as follow.

  • If you are suffering from respiratory infections then make a syrup of licorice root by adding some water in it. And drink until you get rid of your infection.
  • If you add one teaspoon of honey instead of water in it then it will work quickly to cure your infection.
  • You can also suck it.

Provide Protection to Liver:

Provide Protection to Liver

If you have suffering from any liver problems then licorice helps you treat it quickly. Such as hepatitis and disease of increasing liver. Licorice Root provides you benefit to treat such diseases in following quick steps.

  • Make a tea of licorice root by add one and half teaspoon of water in it. And put it into flame and cooked it for at least 4 to 6 minutes. After that strain it. Drink this tea daily until you cure your liver disease.

Reduce Obesity:

Reduce Obesity

It will help you to treat obesity. As you know, that nowadays obesity is very common every second person is suffering from it. If you are one of them then you just have to make a licorice root tea as mention above and drink it daily.

Fight For Bad Breath:

Fight For Bad Breath

Are You Fade up with bad breathing then you should use Licorice root. It will help you to make fresh breathing. And it also makes your teeth and gums strong and powerful. You just have to use it before sleeping at night. And you will quickly feel the difference.

Treat Digestive Problem:

Treat Digestive Problem

Nowadays mostly people are suffering from digestive problem. Among the many benefits of licorice root for health, one of the amazing benefit is that it will help you to treat digestive problem at home. To make digestive curing syrup with licorice root, you just have to follow below mentioned steps.

  • Take a licorice root add one cup of hot water in it.
  • Grand it properly in blender
  • Now leave it for one day in room temperature.
  • After that stain it. And drink it daily.

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